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I don’t multibox. I have three personalities (characters) in my head, and try to satisfy them by buying them stuff and giving them playing time. If I had multiple accounts, I would end up neglecting some characters, and incur their wrath. My psyche wouldn’t be able to handle the stress.

Needing to be a social butterfly to be successful? I must have a different idea of what success is. I go to great lengths to avoid interacting with other characters (people), and consider them “extras” in my epic space adventure of brooding solitude.

We are all alone in our personal worlds, any other way of viewing existence is illusory. Friends, family, and acquaintances just distract us from thinking about ourselves constantly, and (for some) helps pass the time away until death. We preside over our deteriorating minds and bodies and strive for distraction.

At least, that what my main character tells me. The other two aren’t that pessimistic.


eye kno wat yoo meen. Moana says she wil gif me tyme to pley EEF ONOFFLINE but she keyps lorging on wen eye wan to be flaying spaseshippes or just passing out in mi podd. She sey “Billeh if yoo pley toomorch yoo will spent all yore rice iskies on HYPERCUBE PYRAMOIDS and beecum a total gamblor.” wehich is vary troo becos i spend all my ESPEES and eggstraged them and sole my brane points for HYPERMEGANET PYRAMOIDS and noe i have 14 million FEONIXES and 1 dollar.


I’m ■■■■■■■ crying

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