What if I'm late

Hello everyone.

Merry Christmas to all and i hope you had a nice weekend close to your family if that was the case, if not i hope you enjoyed the holiday the best that you could.

I started played EVE last Thursday, and today i thought that this game has been online since 2003, it’s really impressive and it has been around for a very long time, on it’s own it’s quite an achievement, the community seems to be active and i bet that some if not many of you have been around for a long time now.

I got to think if I’m too late for the party, i mean i don’t know the dev team apart from their name CCP or their plans for the game going forward, do they plan to introduce new zones, things to do, even new systems?

I have read a post on the internet and one on these forums dated from last year or something, talking about and comparing EVE to Elite Dangerous, i own Elite for a long time, it had a huge sale, i never touched it, I’m not saying that the game is bad, not at all i just get overwhelmed by space games like that or even like EVE, maybe ne day i will try Elite Dangerous but for now i’m taking my time with EVE.
The topic was discussing that the universe or world in EVE is way smaller than the one in Elite, and that the people here in EVE are stuck on the same universe for years and years now, i don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, i am a new player and to me the universe in EVE seems huge, also i think it’s cool that Elite has a huge world but honestly also a huge system or world can be super boring if it doesn’t have much life to it or activity.

I also see people on some videos comparing EVE online with Star Citizen, again i am new to these space games or huge space games, but i can’t compare these 2 games in more ways than one they feel different but if i had to pick i would go with Eve just for the fact that it’s a fully flushed out game and not one that has been in development since 2011, but to each their own i guess.
I think that EVE, being around since 2003 and building a world, a community of it’s own has a tremendous credit…i never played EVE before last Thursday but i always heard the name growing up, at school at university, while hanging out with friends, websites talking about the best space games etc…to me all of this is a big achievement on it’s own.

I just hope I’m not late to the party.

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I don’t think there was a party.

Didn’t I read a similar intro post from you just a couple days ago?

You’re not too late, we all have missed some years (I’d say mostly more than 10, many even 15) of the game.
You know, in the past everything was better, everywhere all over the world. So let’s get ready to make our present a glorious past!


I don’t think so to be honest.

The concern because of EvEs huge legacy and the devs not expanding the universe anymore after that long time … :wink:

Don’t be afraid, EvE is more new user friendly today as it ever was before, though some see that as a negative :stuck_out_tongue: . EvE is also the cashcow for CCP and their Korean owners, so they will (hopefully) be deterred from totally ruining it.

EvE is actively developed and enhanced every couple weeks/months with new content and balance changes to keep us players on the toes and things fresh.

Regarding the universe, in EvE it’s “only” the backdrop of the actual game not the means of it. You will recognize that the world is not following physics rules for most of the elements in order to enable meaningful game play, e.g location bookmarks in space benefit from the fact that celestials don’t move.

The size doesn’t matter much, actually less systems is better as the chance of meeting other players is higher. The game design all resolves around creating reasons and points in space where players meet and clash.

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Hello again Tipa, yes you are right, probably i get repetitive some times before, i apologize.
I’m going go try and avoid that.

When you say “EvE is actively developed and enhanced every couple weeks/months with new content and balance changes to keep us players on the toes and things fresh.” - new content what does that imply on a game like EVE? Is that new zones or systems with new planets and resources to explore or something else?

If i want to know what’s going on in the game or what’s being worked on and coming next is that displayed on website under News?

As a new player where can i look for a guild or is it “corporation” that i can potentially join?

Seasonal events every couple of months for example which are tremendous fun, currently the wildly loved winter event is going on, worth participating. It has special sites to master in all security zones of different kinds, combat or exploration, good rewards, and snow in space :slight_smile:

Then CCP introduces new modules, ships on a semi-regular basis, just a month ago we got a full new lineup of faction ships. Together with a refreshed faction war mechanic (which will get another iteration soon).

On top of that the stats of ships are regularly tweaked, so players have to adapt. If one ship gets too popular over time, it’s a guarantee for a coming nerf, so players have to switch their favorites and/or fits. Same with underutilized ships, which eventually will get a buff (the clever market guys speculate on that).

The last time we got a new “zone” was Pochven two years ago, and CCP showed to be a bit overwhelmed on the complexity of this endeavor so the content remains difficult and unfinished. I doubt CCP will do something like that anytime soon. But it doesn’t matter really, the “backdrop” we have is vast enough, and this is not a single player game.

Best way to keep up to date is the EvE online website with all the news EVE Online News - Updates, blogs, events, patch notes & more and this forum for the start. CCP links all patch notes here for discussion.

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I mean i am new, i think i have a lot to go through to know, to study (hopefully so if the game really gets my attention) to explore, i just look to the map and i think it’s huge and the system i’m in it’s just a little dot with so many around it.

So i wonder what’s the difference from this to Elite dangerous, the world here is huge from what i experienced so far, maybe people like you or others that have been here for a long time feel kind of stranded in the same world but why would people want a universe with 400 billion star systems like in Elite?

Don’t know. :wink: It’s also an illusion as the majority is just generated procedurally. I played E:D a bit cause I got it as a backer from initial crowd funding … but it got boring quite fast compared to EvE, because it focused on mastering the manual flying around aspect, which I figured was not my cup of tea. The PvP aspect is almost not existing. But others may like it, and I may have spent more time with it if I hadn’t been already infected by EvE.

EvE is more a strategy game, E:D a universe and spaceship simulator.


You’re not.

There are fireworks going on 24/7. Sometimes from your ship rapidly disassembling, sometimes their ship. There’s a lot of people in the universe, the social aspect is where the game becomes really rich. Go out there and socialize! Never too late to make friends, enemies, and frenemies.


How long have you been playing EVE, breaks and all?

2023 will be my 10th year, minus about half a year break.


That’s impressive! It really is, it says a lot about this game, i say that if someone plays a game like Eve, WoW and so on for such a long time it’s because that person really loves the game.

Maybe we can meet up in game sometime.
I still have no guild or corporation(?), in more ways than one i still don’t have much clue about what I’m doing.

I’ve been playing Eve since 2014. Eight years.
This is game has evolved - it has changed (for the better I hasten to add) and I have changed (I’m definitely older). Stories have played out, both driven by CCP and driven by players - often a mix of both, sometimes stories unseen to many players: what do the residents of Nul-sec know of the political shinnanigans of Amarr politics? or the Battle of Thebeka - hundreds of players in sub-capitals fighting for their Empires in a story triggered by CCP but driven by the RP community.

Eve will survive - CCP now have the backing to overhaul the infrastructure of the game: to do something about the legacy code that was there to “just make it work” an replace it with something they can expand with.
Changes happen and you see the usual reaction to change occur in players responses in the various forums: shock, anger, acceptance and commitment (really depressing, but at least shows emotional commitment to the game). Those that learn to adapt to a changing world with thrive: emotionally and economically (I made good ISK during Scarcity by working with it while others just whined about it).

Eve is a Social game more than anything else - joining a corporation is a good thing, but don’t believe you are stuck with your first choice - find a home with people you are comfortable with: if roleplay is your thing let me know - I can always introduce you to groups that may interest you.

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Hello Terak.

You mentioned stories, is there a place i can go to read some of those?

The player created stuff tends to stay in people’s minds - or be documented, sometimes badly, in the bickerings of the IGS part of these Forums (all IC - “In Character”).

There is a large collection of background information and stories from the Eve Universe in the Chronicles. Many of these Chronicles have been read as podcasts by Zendane.

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The party has become more of a wake…

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