A noob space wonderer

Hello everyone.

Yesterday i decided to install Eve Online and give it a go, i followed the tutorial and now i’m trying to figure things out as i go, there is so much to do, to learn, to absorb as there is a lot of information to take in.
I apologize in advance if this post is way too long but i have many things on my head…question :slight_smile: and i’m sure that a lot more will come in the future.

Unless I’m wrong Eve online was released in 2003, that’s really impressive and it seems that people have always been playing this game for a long time, also i think that people can play it on different launchers so i guess that the numbers would be higher than the ones showed at Steam.

I was wondering about the game size and scale, how big is it? I know that i can access the map and see what awaits me but i was wondering how big it is and if it would be possible, considering the dangers of that decision, to go from one side to the far side of the system without using jumps or warping?
This leads to my next question, since the game as it is seems huge and knowing that it’s a game from 2003, how active are the devs with the game, do they add new content like new systems to explore or the map as it is now it’s final and never expanded?

I started as a trader, i have to be honest here, i started as one because i always loved games where there is a live and changing economy with auction houses or markets, i guess that we have that here on EVE? I played and still play WoW and one thing i love to do there is always try to buy and sell goods at the auction house. On Eve Online so far i’m just mining asteroids, i don’t even know how i can find new mining fields, so yes i suck at this game but i wonder if there is more things that we can trade?
Outside resources or asteroid fields what can a player sell at the market that we can get out there in space?

I was checking this website out of curiosity The 12 Wildest Stories To Come Out Of Eve Online , if these are true stories that’s really insane, and that made me think if there is a place where those are available at some website for me to read and if people still continue to write down and publish their crazy adventures in space?

Is it possible to someone like to to rescue another player in the game if that person needs help? If so how can also one ask for help?

In terms of exploration in the game, are there any interesting points of interest? I played WoW and other MMORPG’s so i am used to the terms of raids, dungeons and so on, i know that EVE is different from those game but in terms of content what can i do, if there is any that is?

As i mentioned above i started as a trader/industrialist, how can i find new mining fields? I noticed on the tutorial that we can find ship wrecks and scan them for rewards or some sort of loot, are those random or is there a way to go out there and search for abandoned ships or even stations?

I really apologize for the long post and also the many questions.
Thank you for reading this, stay safe :slight_smile:

Nah, we just have dull points of interest :wink:

But devs are active, that’s for sure. We pay regularly for the subscription, that’s the deal.
The market is huge, and you can sell a large variety of goods in many different places: https://evemarketer.com/

And the market is even bigger: There’s also contracts and direct trade and even lotteries.
Perhaps you should pay a visit to Jita, the main trade hub in New Eden, and read some of the heartwarming local chat there.

Have fun!

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Welcome to EVE!

While some people might have started in 2003, I think most players have joined at a later time. I’ve started in 2017 as newbie for example. I’ll try answering some questions and tell you some more!

I might add too much information, take it at your own pace if you think it’s too much all at once. :stuck_out_tongue:

EVE space is big, but it also ‘depends’. ‘It depends’ is an answer you’ll hear often in EVE, but in this case, I’m saying that your method of travel could make space a lot smaller than you see on the map.

While the EVE universe is huge, with thousands of star systems that would take you a long time to visit all (capsuleer by the name of Katia Sae is known for doing that journey over the course of a few years), you could take shortcuts and go from one side of the universe considerably faster than that.

Wormholes can randomly pop up, which are signatures that can be scanned down with probes. These wormholes act like temporary jump gates from one system to another. They might lead directly to the other side of the universe! Or perhaps they lead to solar systems that can only be reached through wormholes, called ‘wormhole space’ or ‘j-space’ for the j-number designation of those systems. One special wormhole is called Thera which has many such wormhole connections to many parts of space at a time, which some players (EVE scout) are mapping for others to use. This is one way to traverse space fast!

Another is to use Filaments, which can teleport you to other parts of space. Some filaments might take you to Pochven, which is another special part of space that was created by the Triglavians by disconnecting 27 previously regular solar systems in high and low security space and converting them to what is now Pochven.

Travel is a part of EVE, you’ll need to move around to find resources or to haul new ships to wherever you set your home, sell loot at one of the bigger market hubs like Jita 4-4, or just to find new asteroid belts to mine.

You were asking how to find asteroid belts, you can find asteroids in various ways. The easiest and quickest way is to rightclick anywhere in space, go through the rightclick menu and find one of the asteroid belts in the list (if there are any). Warp there and hopefully you find asteroids.

Those asteroids might be already mined out by other miners, so you might want to check other solar systems too.

Another way to find resources is through the Agency menu. I haven’t used it much, but I think it has a tab for many different activities. Surely there’s one for asteroids too.

If you just want to sightsee, there’s many points of interest scattered around the universe, like this list:

But watching some nice statues and objects might not be the kind of content you’re looking for. You mention WoW’s dungeons and raids.

While EVE is a little different indeed, you might want to take a look at your probe scanner window ingame. While some signatures need to be scanned down with probes (such as exploration sites, wormholes, some combat sites), many signatures can be directly warped to.

Those signatures might have ore or ice for you to mine, or NPC enemies for you to fight for loot and bounty payments.

In terms of raids, the large group content in EVE is usually more PvP related (big groups fighting eachother, or destroying other player ships they find in space), but there are some PvE group activities, but those will not be easily accessible for newer players as they require fleets of ships that are both expensive and need a lot of skillpoints to fly.

Incursions occasionally happen when Sansha NPC pirates set up base in a part of space, which groups of players can fight for loot and bounty payouts. And there’s Observatory Flashpoints in Pochven for fleets of 15, which also have a nice payout last I did them, but in my experience the Pochven fleets are just as much about fighting NPCs as it is about fighting other players who try to run the same sites. Depending on what you’re looking for, that’s a positive. Personally I love the player versus player aspect in this game.

You can salvage and loot any wreck you find. Other players (and perhaps you too) will often blow up pirate ships, which result in wrecks. But keep in mind that in high security space (security status 0.5 and higher), looting wrecks that belong to other players is considered ‘stealing’ and can only be done when you turn your safety settings to yellow, which I wouldn’t recommend at the start as newbie as it might get you killed. If you steal you get a temporary ‘suspect’ flag, which allows other players to attack and kill you without the space police (CONCORD) to intervene. CONCORD patrol in high security space and kill anyone after they have illegally attacked other players. Outside high sec anyone can attack you and anyone can loot any wrecks they want. Lawless space, much more fun, in my opinion!

Anyway, if you wish to salvage wrecks, try flying to one of the asteroid belts like I mentioned, kill some pirates there and you’ll be able to salvage and loot their wrecks. And when the belt is clear of threats, you can even mine the ores!

Good luck and fly safe!


o7 and welcome to New Eden. Those stories are true, so much things happened during all those years.
Check this:

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Hello @Mevatla_Vekraspek thanks for sharing the video, i was wondering if there is a website where i can access those stories for some reading?

Hello @Pierre_de_Bricassart thank you so much for reaching out.

So the website you linked is like a live market place that i can access even when i’m out of the game?

You mention the subscription, what are the benefits of having a subscription instead of being a free to play player?

@Gerard_Amatin Hello there, thank you so much for your extensive insight about things, i certainly have to have a few reads to understand how much there is to do and i’m also sure that along the way i will forget something :slight_smile:

About gathering resources or farming, are asteroids the only thing to gather/farm or are there another sources of resources and ways to have an income?

Most of my old web ressources are closed now, you can still search here but it’s outdated:


This one is… oh dear… special

Look for the Hisec Miner Grab Bag series, my favourites.

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External sites like Evemarketer or EvE Uni are very helpful. You can only access the market of the region you are currently in, so a global website gives you an idea whether travelling 25 jumps to Jita or Amarr is worth the time.

The Alpha state of play is essentially a trial account. You can have fun and use many ships and weapons, but if you want to go deeper into the subject and think playing EVE is fun, Omega status is highly recommended. So I played Alpha for 3 weeks before accepting a buddy invitation for a new Omega account - both chars are still online.

There are plenty of ways to get an income, some are obvious like trading or ressources gathering, building stuff, and some are more exotic, extorsion, corporate theft, scams,

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There are plenty of ways to have an ISK income that don’t involve gathering materials at all!

But if we focus on the different base materials that are used in industry to craft all the stuff we use, there’s many:

  • Ore - can be mined from asteroid belts, moons (with moon mining drills on special structures) and asteroid cosmic anomalies (which you can find with your probe scanner window, without probes)
  • Ice - can be mined like ore, but needs special ice mining equipment. Can be found in ice cosmic anomalies
  • Gas - can be mined like ore, or rather ‘huffed’ as people like to call it, but needs special gas huffing equipment. You can find gas clouds as cosmic anomalies, but these do need to be probed down with scanning probes.
  • Salvage - can either be salvaged from ship wrecks using a salvager module, or can be found inside relic exploration sites which are cosmic anomalies that need to be scanned down and then hacked using the right relic analyzer tool.
  • Planetary goods - can be extracted and refined on planets as part of planetary industry, which is an Omega activity.

and there’s a lot more options.

Data site exploration gives you blueprints and stuff to do invention with to create T2 items, you could shoot NPC pirates to reprocess the loot into minerals as alternative for ore mining (called ‘gun mining’, although it’s not as popular as it once was), and then there’s farming of valuable loot from special ‘officer’ pirates, or farming resources to build triglavian ships from Abyssals, and more. Plenty of things to gather!

Or you could straight up gather currency itself. ISK is rewarded as bounties when you kill NPC pirates, so you could simply kill a lot of pirates in various parts of space to get ISK. Or you could do missions or faction warfare to earn Loyalty Points towards those corporations, which can also be turned into items that you can sell for ISK.

But you don’t have to gather or farm to get an income.

You could produce items, trade goods, haul someone else’s stuff for a fee, kill players, scam players, or out of game even write websites for ISK, if you find people willing to pay you for it. A lot of options!

Personally I like doing Planetary Industry and exploration for ISK. I like that type of gameplay, so it’s something I don’t mind doing to earn enough ISK for new ships to lose in explosions.

That’s the main thing I recommend you do when you want to make ISK: try a lot of things and chase the methods that you enjoy doing, not necessarily the ones that pay most.

Maybe someone can explain this better to me because i’m really bad at this and i apologize.

About travelling around the universe, i have heard and read some lines about someone that traveled the entire universe in the game or a big part of, how did that person do that? I think it’s Katia Sae?

If i wish to travel with my ship to the other side of the system is it possible without warping or jumping? Or what’s the biggest distance that i can travel where i can just autopilot it, and chill out with the view or just check other things, listen to some music and so on?

Again @Gerard_Amatin thank you so much for this info, you guys have been awesome.

About trading and how it works, for example, i place something for sale at the Jita market, if it sells do i need to Jita to collect the reward/money or it goes to my wallet no matter where i am in the game or even if i’m offline?

Also i wanted to ask this and don’t get me wrong it’s just so that i know where i’m getting into, i know that Eve has a monthly subscription (after i’m back of christmas holydays i’m going to get Omega) so i guess that having that kind of service there is always this expectation on the devs to deliver a service that works and all that, but is there any P2W element in Eve Online?

No. EVE has no “win” condition, therefore it cannot be pay-to-win. EVE has been a monthly subscription-based game since day one. You could spend thousands of dollars right off the bat and still get your butt handed to you in 30 seconds. Spending real life money in EVE doesn’t give you experience…

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Cheers for the reply @Ariel_Kryten :slight_smile:

ISK will be immediately transferred to your wallet, wherever you go, even if offline, once your items sell.

Depends on what you call ‘winning’.

This question often results in a heavy debate between people who consider buying any advantage in a game to be ‘pay to win’, versus people who consider paid advantages that can only be obtained by paying to be ‘pay to win’. Different definitions result in different answers.

In EVE you can buy PLEX with real money and trade that PLEX to other players for ISK, which can then be traded for skill injectors, ships or any other ‘advantages’. So if you’re wondering if someone can throw thousands at the game to get an advantage, yes, EVE allows you to do so.

Usually I call EVE ‘Pay to lose’ though, as these advantages are just as easily lost as they are gained, because whatever expensive ship you buy, it is gone once people make it explode, and without experience it probably will explode. You will regularly see killmails of players who thought they could buy such an advantage but did not have the knowledge and experience to stay alive… and all the money they spent does not buy player skill.


I don’t see that as P2W to be honest more like paying to get things faster, but that’s just my opinion.
You mentioned that ships get destroyed even if you throw money at the game, is there a way to retrieve the ships you have lost or do i have to buy it again from scratch?

Maybe someone can explain this better to me because i’m really bad at this and i apologize.
About travelling around the universe, i have heard and read some lines about someone that traveled the entire universe in the game or a big part of, how did that person do that? I think it’s Katia Sae?

If i wish to travel with my ship to the other side of the system is it possible without warping or jumping? Or what’s the biggest distance that i can travel where i can just autopilot it, and chill out with the view or just check other things, listen to some music and so on?

What’s destroyed is lost. The ship leaves a wreck with about random 50% of the cargo and modules drop as loot for everyone to grab, plus the ship can be salvaged for some raw materials. Everything else goes poof, and you have to buy a new ship and modules. You get a small ISK compensation from default insurance. This is the very core of EvE and keeps the motivation and economy running.

There is the option of better insurance, but only on the raw mineral value of the ship (which could be the lowest part), and insurance cost ISK itself. The deal is generally better for T1 ships than for more advanced ones, to help rookies.


I noticed that i could insure my ship yesterday when i started, but i forgot completely how i have found that option.

If in doubt check the right click menu on something in cargo or hangar when docked …