What can you do in this game?

I played EVE a long time ago but frankly i had no clue what i could do with my ship or what i was supposed to do in the game or what “types” of gameplay there were.
Unlike some other MMO like WoWarcraft where its clear what you can do in the game, in EVE i frankly have absolutely no clue what players spend their time on and what kind of activity or role would be interesting to me or even what kind of ship i should aim for (based on its role).

I know PVP is pretty much core but i dont know what types or approaches to it exist?
What about PvE, does it exist in any meaningful amount?
I suppose there is crafting and economy and harvesting various resources but frankly none of it is all that clear to a beginner as far as what i can do about it.

I know there are many different sizes of ships and several factions but i do not know what roles can ships perform?
Is this game pretty much only for playing with clans/guilds (player corporations?) or can you actually have some meaningful progress and fun as a solo player (or with a couple of friends)?
Is there any sort of an updated guide or something where i can actually learn more about the basics and core features of EVE and what can i do with my ship in this vast universe?

Thank you for helping me out :slight_smile:

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You can collect corpses.


You can enjoy EVE solo. There’s no need to join a corporation. That said, there are dozens of different paths you can take, from manufacturing, to outright ganking, scams, PvE, missions, mining, fleet engagements, or just kind of milling about at your own pace and enjoying the game.

Here’s a good place to start: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Main_Page


There is not really a given path in Eve. You decide what you want to do.

But of course that’s difficult when you don’t even know what’s possible. This picture might give you an idea of what one can do. Keep in mind that you can switch between things at any given time but you will be limited by your skills at first. But that is usually a good thing. It gives you long term goals and time to practice and to learn. And There is much to be learned about Eve.
If you find something interesting on it, I recommend you use your preferred search engine and look for it on the web. (Or on the wiki QuakeGod posted) There is tons of blogs, videos and other information to be found about the game. Just read a bit. When you find something you want to know more about ask here.
It’s very likely someone will help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

Keep asking questions and after a while you will begin to see which way seem to be yours.


For Chloe.


People already linked EvE University which is a pretty good storehouse for knowledge about all the basics, and some pretty advanced stuff too.

As for what you can do I’d rather quote Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean - the part where he says whatever a man can do is limited only by, well, what a man can do and what a man can’t do. If you’re comfortable with spending months or years on a project you might take over one of the large alliances, or take one down. Or you could strike out as a lowly solo pirate, hunting the weak and foolish in dangerous territory (hopefully without insulting anyone powerful laying claim to the area). Or corner a market for some commodity, at least in some regions of space, by monopolizing production and driving out competitors.

Still, a lot of the “master the universe” goals will need a powerful corp and alliance at your back.

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That chart should even be on the EvE website. Definitely adds value.


Just keep in mind Eve is a game of time. You can wallet warrior it up all you want but if you dont put time into the game youre not going very far very fast very well. Practice, skills, most importantly paying attention to other people will get you much further than 1t isk.


I’d suggest you hop right in and follow the tutorial. It’ll get you to your career agents once you’ve done the tutorial and gives you a first idea. Then start making friends by chatting with people in-game. See what they do, and you should start getting ideas. Maybe you can help others with what they do.



I collect corpses myself. I have noticed that the field is becoming more competitive but there is still lots of room for new blood.

Personally, my collection is not for sale, I have never bought a single corpse and I have gathered every single corpse and curated my collection by myself.

But yes, by all means he should consider corpse collection, just do not assume as a brand new collector to make a lot of isk doing so.

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i have my own collection, with toe tags.
iv about 200ish, some of mine are in my mates collections, we’re somewhat competitive about this sort of thing.
all mine are from that list though,
without having had a hand in it , you’re basically just picking at road kill



you can post on the forum, that Eve is dying.


Look up ISK also known as Industrial Sized Knowledge should be free to dowload pdf format there’s alot explained in there some things even as a veteran you may have missed.Unfortunately it is slightly outdated now but most of it is still acurate

I had a look. My goodness! That is dedication to the cause. /salute

Welp, quantity is a quality all by itself.

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How about this, get a noob character in a noob ship with an empty clone, head to a hisec system that allows you to enter null, set up death clone as near as possible. Jump in and expect to die a couple of times, then call the people attacking you in local bad because they do not want to let you investigate nullsec as a new player, tell them that this is not fair and how mean this is.

Their reaction will be highly amusing, they will talk about it for days.

If you actually managed to get out of the bubble camp then sit in local calling them bad warping from place to place when they put probes out to get rid of you.

I actually did this for a laugh a numbers year ago, was really funny. It is especially funny when you do it to the super elite PvP players.

I call this the moth affect… In other words it is doing things which affects other players in some way, this is the real fun of Eve. Do things to make yourself smile, the more stupid the better.

But more seriously the thing is look for a good corp in nullsec that is in a good alliance and give it a go, make sure that they are very active in your TZ. And ask for advice, they will give it.

Set yourself achievable goals, it is amazing what you can do if you have objectives, an early one I had was to make a freighter by my own efforts, and fly it, another to get efficient at using a certain ship type and its bonused weapons system very well.

And the most fun combat is small gang stuff without any doubt, though doing Capital warfare is really good fun at times especially hot dropping elite PvP players who kite all the time, they get really mad…



Yes, touristing through null can be really fun. I do it in an interceptor, to avoid bubble trouble. If you enter a system with only one or two villagers in Local and say “Hi,” a lot of times they’ll immediately flee, without returning your greeting. If you enter a system with a sizable amount of local villagers in it and stop for a while, usually some elders will greet you. Something like, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?” Often your explanation that you’re just a tourist passing through is met with skepticism.

But eventually other curious villagers will gather in Local, and you can have a nice chat with everyone. It seems that they live isolated lives out there, and they enjoy the novelty of meeting a stranger from the outside. Of course, while you’re enjoying your chat with the locals, you have to be aware the combat probes are being deployed, and bubbles are expanding. In other words, while you’re enjoying your chat with some villagers, other ones are circling through the bush to catch you from behind, and other ones are building a cooking fire. But no hard feelings, that’s their job.


ask them to have a bit of what they are cooking <3

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