What else can I do?

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I’m new for less than 1 month playing, but I dare to say that I know several things in the game, and I will defend myself. But lately I have focused on doing only agent missions, but because of this I feel that I will get bored :aturdido: of the game and that is what I do not want to happen to me. I want to know what other things can I do on eve online? Apart from doing missions, undermine. I don’t know … I feel like I want to be able to create something big or help something. Something to get me out of this boring routine. :aturdido:

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Classic PVE in Eve is static - unchanging. Once you figure out a mission (or look it up in
) , it tends to become a job - something you do for ISK more than entertainment.

Interaction with other players, whether cooperative or competitive, is dynamic.

If you enjoy blowing stuff up, there are PVE communities for incursions and the new Triglavian Invasion content. PVP opportunities are available in all regions of space.

If you prefer to make stuff, the economic simulation is what attracted me to Eve. Again there lots of opportunity to cooperate with other players or compete with them in the marketplace.

Do look for a community of like minded people to play with. Going it alone is playing Eve the hard way.


PVP. Go kill other players.

Its the ultimate endgame.

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You’re right, I’ll take into account what you tell me. Thank you

I think I still don’t know about the game, like professions, or something to do. Since at the moment I dedicate myself to do security and military missions, I like to kill rats, but I would also like to create something, I don’t know how to ship or a station which I don’t know, and I want to know how can I do it? I think that this emptiness that I have, is just for that, I come from other mmorpg games, but it is always the same create your character level up, make the story, I had never seen another different game, until I met eve online. In conclusion, I want to do something for which I can stand out, do you understand me?


As the chart posted by @Xuxe_Xu shows, there are a lot of paths you can follow in Eve. Some professions like diplomacy and espionage exist entirely in the meta with no support from game mechanics.

If you enjoy security missions, use your loyalty points to buy faction blueprints, build and sell the modules. 3rd party tools like https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ and https://evemarketer.com/ will help you figure our what’s profitable.

Industrialists tend to work in the shadows, - you don’t get much brand recognition in a commodity market! The well known names in Eve tend to be streamers, fleet commanders and corporate executives. These people are content creators and it requires a substantial time commitment but, if you have the talent and the time, they are in high demand!


yes but there is a point you miss: eve is a mmo sandbox. It means that you will have things to do, aims, objectives, enemies, friends, etc if you interact with people. So my main advice would be: join a newbie friendly corp. They will teach you help you, and probably give you things to do etc. They will give sense to what you do in eve.


I appreciate your help too much, it means a lot to me.

I appreciate your help too much, it means a lot to me. :woozy_face:

Thank you :3 I appreciate your help too much.

Never, ever, pay for your account with ISK.

Thats the beginning of the end of your enjoyment.

EVE shouldnt be your second job.

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