Things to do in New Eden

I’m relatively new citizen of New Eden and i was just wondering what kind of stuff you can do here, for now i tried SOE Arc but that just turns out to be “Go there, kill some npcs, and collect peapole, drone parts and so on” I also tried WH Gas cloud harvesting and even though it pays pretty well, it’s kinda boring, orbiting around the cloud, hitting DScan until the bots show up. ( Can this get funnier if you are in a corp maybe?)Basically, i tried so little stuff and i am 100% sure that there is a lot more to EVE, I just don’t know where to start… It would be also nice to know witch activities yield witch amounts of profit.

You should try faction warfare

I was thinking about FW but it kinda scares me since it will restrict where I can go… I know that once you enlist, you become unable to move trough you enemies territory (logical, eh?) but can you in any way “withdraw” your enlistment so you can navigate freely again?

Think outside the box, go scan for lost faction drones, steal loot from invasion runners, pop “lost” MTUs in lowsec areas where people run lvl5 missions … join public fleets from Spectre or Bombers Bar. There will be a lot of PvP activity from tomorrow for the coming weeks, because of the nullsec local blackout.

You can leave FW and move freely again… although if you spend too long doing it your security status and faction standings for your enemy factions will both be quite low. But it won’t be a problem if you just want to hop in for a little while to see if you like it.

And playing with a group is a lot more fun. Even just sitting on comms and talking to corpmates while you mine or run missions can make it much more enjoyable.

I make an alt toon specifically to feel, so I can have fun and do other stuff when I want

you can do what YOU want. this is a sandbox
I even know a guy who decided that he would earn isks being a spy. He created new toons, use false accent on comms, joined different nullsec alliances and after some months sold informations to enemies. You can be a trader, a diplomat, an industrialist, and explorer, a pirate, a teacher for newbies, a scammer in jita. Find your way…
but initially, i would suggest you to join a newbie-friendly corp to learn the basics and make new friends

Thank you all for the great answers!


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