You cant polish a turd

So Here is my 2 cents,

My corporation Existential Crysis spent a fair amount of time out in Null security space during the Blackout, the thing that struck me the most was the fact that the pilots that continued ratting and mining after Blackout was implemented were adapting very quickly and on the most part successfully.

They utilised mobile warp bubbles to slow down the incoming threat of hostile scouts a few systems back from heavily ratted systems combined with cloaked watchmen on gates waiting for gate fire. They would spot you even if you where travelling in a covert ops frigate.

They perfected masking techniques to counter Hunters mining Dotlan npc kill data. In some cases they would predict and prepare to bait and counter what they knew was about to happen (a good content generator)

My point is simply that it was weeding out the weak and lazy and breeding a more hardcore null dweller.
Also making the main argument pro local in Null totally invalid.

Alas the direction Blackout was taking us has now hit a brick wall due the the weak and lazy voting with their wallets. A cowardly act that is symptomatic of a lazy mans personality type. Shame on you.

So what now for this once glorious game EVE Online as it spirals further into the abyss of stagnation?

Capsuleers who came back with hope will leave, and the ones who quit without giving Blackout a chance will return, bottling will increase and CCP’S bottom line will crawl back to its unimpressive levels. Of that I have no doubt.

People have said that EVE is dying over the years, Perhaps It died long ago only to be continually shocked back into life on the operating table briefly, only to slip back into its coma like state.

For me I will stick it out to the bitter end do my best to adapt. But I fear the end is near.


They stopped paying for a game that was no longer “fun” for them. While the word “fun” isn’t written anywhere on the box, those players believed this sci-fi MMO should contain “fun” each according to a personal definition.

I know a couple quitters, I could not talk them down, despite 10+ years in game.

btw, we can’t reach 10,000 posts in the 2nd blackout thread, if folks keep making new threads.


creating a blackout without introducing any type of counter tool whatsoever was a slap in the face. You may consider spamming d-scan l33t content…I don’t think a lot of people agreed.

Blackout may still be going on had CCP spent any time whatsoever prepping and discussing the changes with the community.


You cant polish a turd

Actually - you can.

Turds, like any organic material, can be come petrified.
Petrified Turds are called coprolites and are now as stone, having over eons exchanged carbon for silicon (more or less).
Like any rock, corporlites can be cut, tumbled, and polished.

So with enough time and effort - you too can polish a turd.

–Gadget knows, and now you do too


Blackout was never meant to be permanent and on most accounts probably ran longer than originally intended.


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According to that corp’s killboard, you were off worse after blackout had been in action for a while. You got fewer kills, longer downtimes between kills in days (not hours) and the overall value didn’t increase. I am not sure why you think the blackout had a positive impact on your corp.

Furthermore: You can polish a turd. It is really simple: Do not implement memes in a game and do not use memes as your development basis. People like Falcon are the worst possible people for a comprehensive and good development. They sperg nonsense just like reddit does without any care for consequences. This turd called “blackout” would have been much better received if it was part of an overarching strategy that contained this blackout as well as changes to ISK making that make people less of a sitting duck ready to be slaughtered. And it should not contain the necessity to press Dscan every 2 seconds. My keyboard’s enter key experiences material fatigue from the thousands of key strokes during that time.


why do you think I think Blackout had a positive impact on my corp?

Among other things.

Also: How about you stay in null sec and keep making it dangerous? I find it comical that your corp only started to go into Null sec after the Blackout started. Before you did nothing but spank T1 ships in Hek. How about you do your share against the things that you lament in your first post? If there are more people out in space and hunting, the space that is supposed to be dangerous will be dangerous. With or without local.

no mention of my corp. Not sure why Kill board had anything to do with post, maybe you should get a killboard before you start adding that to debate

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You cant polish a turd

But you can...

…english it… or russian it

ba dum tsh


… in other words, you and your corp were too scared to go into null when players would have known you were there… LOL!!! And the Blackout made you feel like better hunters than you really are… BWAHAHAHAA!!

erm no ive been in game since 04 my friend. Spent most of that time in Null. Bang goes your theory

botting is a problem but blackout is not a solution to this. If ccp dont know solution for bots and automation i suggest asking pearl abbys how to ban all this kind of activity from game.

You can also compress many Turds, in to one large, solid Turd. Then dry it out, apply some Epoxy Resin and once you polish that, it will look very glossy.


The difference is made obvious in how they failed to incept BLACKOUT vs. CYNO changes.

Blackout was marketed as an event but shoved onto us like a poorly placed extended downtime and reacted to by players like a bug ridden update denying all possible content.

Nobody saw it coming, it completely ■■■■■■ whatever plans anybody had in how they play to the point that their game play no longer exists or operates as they knew it. Nobody knew what the ■■■■ to do, they expected something fun but it got in the way of too much of how they currently play the game. It wasn’t an event that players could choose to participate in or let pass by and avoid if they wanted. It was forced upon them without the courtesy of any forewarning that this was more than event but a completely mechanic changing update to how everyone in null plays in every way, and so like any update good or bad that goes on while eve players got their own plans on what they wanted to do, they simply waited it out and let end.

Some with much complaint about the value of it’s content, others with lack of interest to even bother trying it out all together.

At least with cyno update they let us all know it was coming long before it got here, people got the know, they got to plan and prepare and be ready. At least enough to let them figure out how to continue their own game play without doing anything stupid.

So when BLACKOUT came almost everybody immediately stopped playing and a cascading fountain of “WTF is this?”, emerged.

With cyno changes everyone got to log on with the idea in mind that this was the day they were going to begin to figure out how to play with the new cyno mechanic changes.

EDIT: final note, because of the utter failure that BLACKOUT turned out to be in the content producing world of Eve online (which I mostly think was a failure in how it was introduced), sadly, the idea of no local in null will probably not be revisited because of the stigma that will come with reminding us of how dull and dead the BLACKOUT era was.

…now that’s a majorly shiny ■■■■ post right there. I love it lol.

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Yes, you can polish a turd. No, you don’t need to add epoxy. And no, you don’t need to wait over geological time either. But a degree of drying and sifting is often involved.

One technique is the Japanese art of dorodango which was used with a number of animal scats on Myhtbusters to prove the point that you can, essentially, polish a turd.


Is it better to try and compress the Turd for a better , more compact surface before polishing? And is it better to lay the Turd flat or spherical?

The dorodango technique involves both compression and spherical shaping. Technically, this compression is only for initial shaping, with finer and finer sifts used to fill in final surface faults before polishing. Other than for aesthetic reasons, a flat surface could probably be used with maybe less compression but more “filling” required? Either way, an example of adapt and improve. And, perhaps, a metaphor for the shining turd that some people perceive null sec blackout to be?


This has to be the most obscure thread de-rail ever… :clap: