Interdiction Nullifier for Capsules

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There’s isn’t much to say. By reading the topic you get the idea. It would be easier getting away of bubbles, gate camps, battle grid, etc.

I’m all ears.


Because something , something … implants.
Capsule is already insta warp , you give it nullification and no one will be losing implant sets anymore , except to maybe dumb gate to gate warp and die to smartbombs.

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Well being that shuttles are already warp bubble immune and to me the next logical step would be to have capsules immune too, why not, I give it a nod yes.

If you want cheap nullification, get a shuttle.

It shouldn’t be easier to get away from bubbles if you’re on a pod. How is anyone going to catch pods if they both warp off immediately and cannot be stopped by bubbles?


They already made dying in empty pods meaningless with removing the death clones you had to update. Now most people in empty pods want to be podded which is kindof dumb.

Your already can swap clones in a citadel as much as you want for free to swap into an empty pod.

This means that the only reason you care to not lose a pod is implants.

Reward of implants has the risk that you can lose them.

Pods are already insta warp so the only way to lose them is a bubble or smart bomb.

No we do not need pods to be nullified.


Why even have pods if you can’t catch them and there’s no consequence to being in one?

No, otherwise implants are pretty meaningless aside from the rare smartbombing.