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I am flying a Battlecruiser or Battleship and mainly do tier 3 missions and a little mining on the side. I was wondering what implants you guys suggest for me?

If you can complete your missions already, I recommend no implants.


Some extra capacitor juice because of your implant can be nice

If you NEED it, then sure.
If you don’t, why bother.

The Implants give you tiny amounts like 1-5% extra capacitor capacity or recharge rates. If that makes or breaks your fit, I would look into improving your fit first before resorting to implants.



Get jump clones. Set one up with implants as your “training clone”. Jump into it if you are going to be away from the game for a bit.

Keep your other clone(s) “slick” (no implants) so that when you get podded it won’t be much of a big deal for you. Also, then you can “pod jump” from many places you might find yourself without losing implants.

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Well, I don’t recommend getting high grades and +6’s because of how long they’ll take to pay for themselves, but implants can improve your isk efficiency and can sometimes create breakpoints.

Useful implants for Mission runners are those that affect:

  • Navigation Speed
  • Warp Speed
  • Damage
  • Damage Application

and depending on fit, those that affect:

  • Cap
  • CPU
  • PG

For mining, you basically want more yield, (and if you’re solo mining, warp speed; but you shouldn’t be solo mining).

You shouldn’t have to worry about being podded in highsec. Check out this Eve uni article about pod saving.

All of that being said, missions and mining are kind of crappy. Have you considered incursions? Warp To Me is newbro friendly, and you can make around 125mil an hour. The only requirements are that you can fly one of their starter fits, that you don’t sandbag, and that you don’t be a dick.


Here are my thoughts on the subject of implants:

  • They are a luxury item. No part of the game mandates their use. As such, do not rely on them as a “crutch” (see: don’t get the point where you can’t play without implants).

  • They provide an “edge.”
    Some implants will boost your ability tank damage, some with help you aim better. Others will increase your capacitor and still others will make certain other systems more “efficient.”
    But no matter what aspect they enhance, they only do so by small margins. Five percent here… three percent there. They will not make you a OMG1337playorz (exceptions apply).

  • “Learning Implants” (see: implants that only provide a boost to character attributes and thus lower training times) are nice when you know that your [escape] pod is relatively safe (see: 1.0 to 0.5 systems). But, as the last point mentioned, they will only provide an edge.
    They will shave off a few hours here, a day or two there. This will only add up over the course of a year.

With all that said:

  • What ships you you tend to fly?
    – Turret ships?
    – Missile ships?
    – Armor tank?
    – Shield tank?

  • Do you prefer speed?

  • Do you want better tank?

  • Do you want better damage / damage application?

There are many, MANY implants you can use. But more info is needed before any specific recommendations are given.

And if you are thinking about dipping your toes into PvP, I would suggest learning the skill “jump clones” first.
When you are starting to PvP, it is common to lose your pod. So you don’t want any implants.


Learning implants for the skillqueue, slot 1-5. That’s all I need. They make me learn about 20% faster atm, that’s remarkable.
More speed or yield is nice, but expensive.

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