Implants, an alterntive

Ar the moment I can essentially have 2 clones in a station or structure. The one I am in and a jump clone (not including medical clones here) I can jump to. If I am lucky and have access to a structure I can jump to that clone without a time penalty. However left say for example I am in my training clone with +5 implants and my jump clone has various hard wires that are related to enhance missile use. Then the FC calls for a fleet of Feroxes… doh I either have to go somewhere else for another clone with hybrid enhanced hard wires or fly the ferox with hardwires that are useless.

My proposal is to move the hard wire points to the ship itself, so in this example my Ferox can be “loaded” with 5 hard wires that enhance various attributes whereas my missile ships will have missile related hard wires.

If the ship is lost/traded/sold then the implants are destroyed.
The implants cannot be removed without destroying them (like current implants).
Implants that affect training time, wisdom, charisma etc would still go in the head of the clone not the ship.

The benefits would be that you can fly a ship with hard wires that are relevant to what the FC/Situation needs
Ship loss will become more meaningful
another ISK sink in terms of having to buy more implants.

Possible Downside that i can think of:
Because of the cheapness of most implants most people would put at least 1% implants in their ships so a way to increase their cost would need to be looked into so that the loss of the ship is meaningful.

People that do not have so much ISK would be at a disadvantage to those that have the ISK to buy implants.

Possible server load in terms of all the different variations that would need to be followed, but then with a billion and one skins in game it cannot be worse than that (can it?).

No. More rigs? So you have 8 rigs instead of 3? Why? Implants are awesome in a way you use them on different ships.


not rigs, a place only for implants, rigs would not be able to fit there.

Implants would indeed be awesome for the way you use them on different ships accept that if I have a head full of missile implants and the FC calls for a fleet that doesnt use missiles then my implants are useless.

Did you actually read the post? i put the why there

You call it different, but the way they would work makes them very very close to rigs. Which is another question : do we need more rig slots on our ships?

People have been managing flying ships without hardwire implants for more than a decade and will continue to do so in the future.
If you want to use implants, go ahead and use implants but do not make them mandatory.
It is perfectly fine to fly a ship with the wrong implants or not implants. Implants can give you a benefit for the risk of losing that benefit.

Your proposition would make it necessary to buy implants for any ship you fly and increasing the cost of flying the ship for no good reason other than “your fc wants it”.


OK, let me ask you a question. You are in a clone loaded up with 3% hard wires that all relate to missile enhancement. Your FC calls for a fleet, none of the ships he calls for are missile ships. You have no other clones near by, what do you do?

  • Would you rip out those hard wires and replace with relevant ones for this fleet?
  • Would you fly in the fleet with hardwires that have no benefit to you?
  • something else?

@elitatwo people were also used to flying without skins, people were also used to having an up to date medical clone or losing SP when being podded, there are countless examples of people are used to something, that is no reason for things to not change.

You don’t HAVE to buy the hardwires for the ship, it will work as is without them, however that is a potential downside in that people with less ISK would be at a disadvantage so ill add that to the downsides.

It is good to have empty clone, just for combat purpose. Otherwise you are pressed up to fly away just before the main fun begins.

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but where is your empty clone, my example in the first post said you are in your +5 training clone and the JC where you are has missile hard wires… so you would fly out in the +5s? if not what is the something else you will do?

My 2 cents… this is a bad idea. EVE is about making choices and dealing with the consequences. The Hardwire implants you have in your head are all a part of making these choices.

If this idea is implemented you could end up with 27 different versions of the same ship all fitted with different Hardwire implants which defeats the purpose of JCs to some degree.

@Goti_fase - OK, I concede, that is a valid argument against. In that case shouldn’t hard wires either be removable so you can adjust to different needs or cheaper so that ripping them out would be lest costly or allowing more jump clones to be allowed per structure so you can go to the clone most suitable.

The thing is that the economy of EVE is centred around destruction. Things need to go pop.

I could maybe get behind a re-balance of implants coming into the game either through drop rates (do implants get dropped by rats?) or through LP store price readjustment.

Option B, or, alternatively Option C: fly a blank clone. but the end result is more or less the same.
Thing is, implants are not a requirement for most ships. In large fleets, there is no way that every single person in the fleet is going to have a full implant set. so the FC is going to make decisions based on the average or baseline not the extreme ends. so your head full of implants are mostly going to waste.

In small gang where implants are actually going to matter. take 30 seconds and pop over to a nearby citadel to hop clones.

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No for reasons stated by others.


@Goti_fase - and thing would still go pop, in fact it would add more destruction when the ship explodes.

@Bjorn_Tyrson- i wasnt really thinking it of a thing for an FC to consider, but more for ME to consider as the ilot. If I am in a citadel and ive my +5 clone and a missle hard wired clone, i wont have the option for a blank one, it would (to me) make sense to somehow get into a clone with a set of hard wires that would be helpdesk to me, the FC wouldnt know about it, he is just calling the fleet composition.

@Salt_Foambreaker - OK, thanks.

In that case, the problem is just poor planing of where you store your clones.
As i said. in 99% of fleets you don’t NEED hardwiring, and in fact it might not even be a good idea, since all it takes is getting caught in a bubble or having a bad server tick and now your expensive hardwiring is nothing more than a killmail.

Thats not to say that you can’t have various specialized clones, I do it myself. I have a super set, a nomad set for zipping high value blueprints around, a training clone, a cloaky/bomber clone, and an abyssal clone. none of which live at our staging citadel. They are all either at another citadel in the same system, (or since I ran out of in-system clone citadels) within a jump or two of home citadel for clones I use less frequently.
if I want a specific clone for a specific task, it takes at most a couple minutes to zip over and grab the right one. otherwise I just live in my training clone, and when a fleet gets called I either dock up at the home station and switch to a blank, dock at the station I hold my super clone in (if we are dropping supers) and pick it up.
or if i’m off doing something elsewhere in space, find the nearest cloning facility, dock up swap to a blank then death-clone to staging and pick my training clone up later.

with how dirt cheap astra’s with clone bays are these days, if you REALLY want to keep that many hardwired clones nearby each other. just shell out for the station and get your corp to drop it near your staging. I promise, if your FC actually gives a damn about what implants your running (doubtful, but they might) they won’t mind waiting 30 seconds for you to clone-swap next door.

just stop being lazy, and plan things out slightly better and the problem vanishes.

@Bjorn_Tyrson - Valid points that make sense.

I understand you didnt put the training implants into the ship but hardwired implants can cost a billion or more and getting away from a fight with those still in your head is game crucial skill in my opinion.

Also, if you are flying, as i have so many times before, ships that cost less than 40 million then adding in a billion plus in hardware implants losses isnt even sort of reasonable.

Your idea isnt just bad, it is down right horrible.

@Maldiro_Selkurk then you simply wouldn’t put implants in, or you would put cheaper implants in, if the hard wires are in the ship then you choose what implants went in it and you wouldnt put 1b implant in.

You are removing a player based skill from the game and replacing it with a brain-dead economic choice. Additionally, and very importantly, those of us that previously could fly a cheap ship and escape with billion isk worth of implants now are forced to use cheap implants because our pvp ship is likely or highly likely to die.

Since your idea is horrible at its core, there is not counter proposal you can make, nor twist of words you can preform that will make it anything else but horrible.