Additional skills for more clones

As a command ship/destroyer pilot for all races… I need more clones. I have max training and it’s really hard to manage them with additional pods for ratting or PVP in other ships. This is not even counting deployments!

Even a few more would be incredibly helpful, or changing each skill to give 2 would be great.

I mean… you need what 2 clones to cover all links? I guess 4 if your Corp can’t figure out a doctrine.

We use all doctrines. It’s good, always a counter.

That’s still only 4 clones at most and isn’t really impeding on the current cap. Sounds like you need to narrow your field more and have other members in your Corp pick up more roles.

The point of implants is to further specialize the pilot. Not ensure they can do whatever whenever.

4 Factions for roaming in each faction command ships.
4 Individual T2 ones for fleets where I only use 1 type of boost.

I fly them all, it’s 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Only leaves room for 3 more pods. Got a ratting pod, 2 trainers (one in HQ, one in Perimeter,), one empty for DPS

Yeah… seems to be a you problem. If you don’t want to risk the faction ones when you’re only running one boost that’s your choice but it’s going to limit your slots accordingly.

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Hmmm, I’m pretty positive I’m not the only one with the issue. It sucks to be a command ship pilot when it comes to pods. Not to mention bringing them to deployments. Just because it doesn’t impede your gameplay, doesn’t mean it doesn’t impede others.

And if it doesn’t impede your gameplay, then what’s the harm? QOL is huge to enjoy gameplay, this hinders it.

But I am a command pilot. Been flying them before they were forced on grid. Just use the navy pants and never bothered with the t2. Navy are plenty cheep and I don’t plan to end up in a pod let alone lose it.

Again implants are supposed to focus you not just be something you swap between willy nilly. Every choice has a cost.

Navy’s are plenty expensive for fleet fights when your CS is primary. No sense in risking something you don’t need to use.

And they are something you swap into willy nilly now, swap them in a citadel with no timer? The only cost was your QOL which is why they implemented that change in the first place. And then they changed it so you can have more in 1 structure. So I think that argument is moot.

To your point, I should be able to specialize myself in anything I want to fly, but as a pilot with the ability to fly every subcap, you can’t :man_shrugging:. I feel like your counterargument is effectively saying I need another character with a specific specialization to make clones work. That’s backward.

There’s no harm in this addition. It just makes life easier and puts more implants on grid. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Edit: again, just because it doesn’t affect your gameplay, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect others’.

Also, it adds MORE risk. Your structure gets blown up, bye bye pods :slight_smile:

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