Advice Needed

Hello all,

I just returned to Eve today and I was hoping to get some advice on where I should pick up skill wise.

I have over 105m SP and I was thinking about going into a dread or carrier. Should I do this? If so, which one is recommended these days? I love wormhole space so I might try to find a corp in that area of the game.

Maybe I should just finish off some lower level ship skills first like black ops, interdictors, marauders to 5?

Not sure there are anymore support skills I need unless its for some sort of ewar ships and obviously capital ship stuff.

Thanks for any advice,


Looks like a pretty decently skilled subcap pilot to me, Commandship 5 is a nice to have especially since the T3 changes if you wanna go WH. I for myself would prolly train a bit more into the command link specialist direction and raise the racial drone specs to at least 4 before going capital, but that really depends on the corp you join. It’s how often you get a chance to actually make use of a capital (same goes for BlackOps or Marauders, both rarely used in WH PVP at least). So it all depends a bit, what corp you find, if you are more into PVP or PVE, if it’s a <= C4 or a C5/C6 et cetera… So I suggest you find your new home first and then decide and train something in the meanwhile that helps all, like some of the fitting related rigging skills or something.

Best of luck

Thank you for the input! I like the idea of training up those drones skills and command link skills so I put them in queue. I got a decent 1st month back planned now, thank you.

I assume getting those command link skills to 4 and then specializing in the ones my future corp uses most often is the way to go. If we fly armor more than shield I could train the specialized shield ones up.

Should I train wing commander to 5 and get fleet commander to 4 or focus on the boosting skills first?

For WH you can assume fleets never get as big as that the fleet commander skill ever matters, actually even wing command 4 hardly matters. And with the current meta everybody can boost, regardless of his position in the fleet hirarchy, that also changed since 2015 :P. So being a well trained specialist is superior to being a high command level (albeit I’m really not the expert here, we are a rock old WH-corp, but also an extremely tiny one :P)

Also feel free to contact me ingame or PM about wh-space and potential corps, depending on TZ and general profile we might snatch you or I could at least try to point you into the right direction to find something suitable.

Sounds great, I will message you in game as soon as I am on next. I wont be home for 5 or so more hours tonight, thanks for all the help.

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