Price Check on me and advice on skill training to boost char value

(Krymer Underwood) #1

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance.

(Brock Khans) #2

Capital skills are always a plus:
Top off drone avionics to V, get advanced to IV
drone interfacing V

(Krymer Underwood) #3

Thanks Brock, i will train Drone Interfacing to V since all above mentioned are on the recommended levels. Lets say i dont want to train up Capital Skills, how much would i get “roughly” for this char with D,I. Level 5 as suggested? I can surely train for capitals but my intention is to sale this char as i entered the Industrial career on another char.

Thanks in advance for all advises, really appreciate it

(Brock Khans) #4

“End game “ Eve ( people will disagree) is capital combat. Yes everyone runs the giant sub cap fleets for big timers , but there is always the capital fleet on backup. Highly focused sub cap toons are valuable and have their place but I feel the state of the game now is people want a solid sub cap base for those fleets but they want the ability to hop in a cap as well.

Your rough extraction value is 48b. But since it’s a good focus you should be able to get more than that for someone who wants the skills to use. So anywhere from 48b-51b

(Brock Khans) #5

Also if you get a lot of the pre cap ones done. That helps like the interfacing 5. They is used for fighters and excavators

(Krymer Underwood) #6

Thank you. Very helpful advises.


(Brock Khans) #7

Bit of a case and point, this guy has been trying to sell and has a 150b offer which is pretty much extractino value. That is a great focused subcap pilot, but no cap skills means not a lot of interest (so far)

All those big block alliances want you to have the triag alts, capital alts etc.

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