Price check for indy/ratter/mission runner/capital ready alt

Hello people,
Please help me with a price check for this old bastard alt of a character. password is charitam

He is an all-rounder, was an indy at the start but I needed him for ratting also.
He is a good ISK maker for your main char, can be used for NPC ratting, mining, mission running (level 4 Amarr security agents available).
He is only 40days away from piloting a Rorqual.


  • Positive security status
  • 1 remap available
  • 56mil SP
  • Capital ready
  • 10mil SP in Drones including Fighters V
  • 11mil SP in Gunnery including Large Beams Spec V
  • Reprocessing V & Reprocessing Efficiency V
  • Exhumers V

Your input is very much appreciated.
Thank you.


Truth be told, most people come to the bazaar to buy a pilot that fits their specific need and nothing else, so characters like this one would be bought by SP farmers. Most people will see the beam spec as wasted SP they don’t want to pay for.

I can offer you 50b, but you might get more in total by deciding on what you want this guy to focus on, the best choices here are carrier and rorqual. He flies quite a variety of subs, but nothing extremely well, atleast not well enough to pay for 56m SP.

Your core skills are well rounded, except for Jump Drive Calibration. If you want to sell him as a carrier/soon to be rorq you want that at 4 minimum.
For the carrier path you need to train light fighters 4 and the rest of the drone supports to 5 (having fighters 5 already is great). If you want to sell him as a nyx char (dedicated super chars are always wanted), you need to train the armor compensations to atleast 4. You also need the carrier skillbook, 4 is fine.

Rorqual will take a bit too, but you already have Exhumers 5 and reprocessing skills which helps (which is what I am interested in :wink:), but here you will need the industrial core and mining drone spec 4, in addition to training PANIC.

Both of these plans will take atleast 2-3 months but you will get a better deal after extracting the rest.

Really wrote a novel here but I hope that helped :smile:

Thank you for your detailed input.

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