Looking for price check on indy/mining toon (close to rorq)

Currently at 14.7m SP

Focused on Indy and mining.

HIghlights: (total of about 1.5b in skillbooks injected)
1.) Almost all science skills injected
2.) Almost all skills for rorqual injected
3.) mining Foreman V
4.) Mining drone V
5.) Advanced industry V
6.) Capital ship construction IV
7.) All reprocessing skills injected (reprocessing, reproc efficiency, astrogeology, and veldspar reproc at V)

Advanced Space ship command will be at rank V in 5 days

positive wallet and sec status, will be in Jita if I decide to sell it.



How’s 5b?

You generally don’t want to cross-train barges into rorqs as there’s a lot of wasted SP, losing you a ton of value on the character

hmm, would I actually get a better price if I extracted the barge skills and sold the injectors then?

What target range are you looking for. You would probably end up getting more isk overall by doing that though. The character is non-focused… he can fly barges… has some so towards Indy, some towards reprocessing… But not specialized / decent in any of the above other than t2 barges… So IMHO right now the character is somewhat viewed as a barge pilot with extra random SP in Indy. If you extract the barge sp… you might not get much more for your characters but at least you’ll be making money selling the injectors.

I’m after a rorq pilot myself… but I can always just start a new character and inject my way up to rorq

I see what you mean, thanks for the tips! Will be extracting the barge/mining stuff and then will try to sell him. :slight_smile:

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