Hi, this is a good character i was training to jump freighter but i purchase today one, then i not need more.

Highlights :

  • Stromg drones
  • many books injected
  • mining drone specialization IV
  • gallente industrial V (book and can be DST)
    Exhumer t2
    Minmatar cruiser V (easy to do cyno)
    Gallente industrial V
    Three remaps + yearly
    NICE NAME ad is 2008

Have +5 in cybernetics.

Coinsidering the extracting value is 21 injectors and the implants i think the value is 7.7 b plus the base charr

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallets, all ccp rules apply. If interested answer the thread.

today bump

Still 7.7B?

As fr i understamd. 7.7b s the price of extraction. Need something more the base char.

This is correct. The 7.7b is the value of extracted, an base char must be around 3, then i think i can get 10.7 aprox. I sell yesterday other char as miner orca / exhumer , can extract him to do that . but i think is a waste.

He have too +5 implants and many books, and three remaps.

I go to win Eve the friday, if i dont sell for then, i go to hold him.

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I receive a Decent offer for the character in priate and retire him of the market, because will be extracted to make the deal.


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