Character no longer for sale [melted down]

-14.5m SP
-Flies: Interceptors, Blockade Runners, Jump Freighter (Ark)
-Located in Amarr
-Dropped corp, will take awhile to register.
-Wallet balance 0
-No Kill rights

  • 8B starting bid - as extractor value.
  • 11B buyout bid; or something in between.


Thanks! Hopefully I can get some more :slight_smile:

Daily bumP

Daily bumP

Offer 7b, 6b, is injector value at jita buy prices.

@Mod: please close, character will be biomassed today

Lol, really dont understand how you get 8b extraction value. You get 6.5b if you buy extractors at perimeter sell and sell injectors for perimeter sell. At most 7b if you use buy for extractors and sell for injectors. Seems like wasting a perfectly good toon to me.

If are willing to sell the 5mil sp char I would be interested in buying that :stuck_out_tongue:

you are forgetting the transfer fees which is a least another 1.5b, he made a good call biomassing.

Transfer is only done via IRL money.

If he had to buy plex with that IRL money equivalent to char transfer of $20 he could buy 500 plex which is worth 1.3b.

If he took your offer:
He would make 7b then loose rl money worth 1.3b so only making 5.7b and having no char left over.
extracting his char he makes 6.5b and spends no rl money which is a saving of 1.3b so that puts it up to 7.8b + a 5mil sp char left I would say thats a much better deal.

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