Hi i am selling this character, zero history No killing rights, positive wallet, ccp rules apply.

3b because i am paying transfer.

Answer the thread if interested.

Today bump

Hi, i can buy your character 2b

Maybe you are not familiaried with the transfer prices, but i can get more isk and hold the char puchasing plex with the same price.

Offer rejected.

Saturday Bump

2.25b offer. Its an alpha you can pay trsf you still didnt sub to get these sp.

Youir argument is a complete nonsense.

Sunday Bump

Today the character go to 4.99m points, then can get the max benefit using a injector. I do not go to do nothing more with her. If someone is interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

you can’t extract anything was the point someone made… you need at least 5.5 mil SP to extract…

i dont see extract in this THREAD. You get the max benefit using an injector before 5m points. Was the whole thing i say. maybe your have an error in the thread you are answering.

Biomassed. Need the space for ther thing.

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