What to skill, is my skill plan propper?

So im FW pilot , PVP/PVE is my spec , im currenty training T2 medium lasers ( have t2 small , love them )
I want to train amarr cruiser to max so i can fly Augoror Navy Issue properly and have good DPS and be a good support to fleet in case of need , after T2 medium lasers im planning on training medium drones and getting support drones to good lvl , i want to know is my skill plan right or is there smth else i should train for good cruiser( amarr) pvp / fleet support ( i know about skills like drone durability and etc )
P.S. I realy enjoy pvp both solo and in fleet , and sorry for my english - still learning

That’s not really a “plan”.
We don’t know anything about your supportive skills (a wide range from Afterburner to Targeting), but if you like to try a particular ship, go train these skill and the guns, that’s quite normal. If you are in a fleet regularly, ask for what they need/expect. If you are solo, you may have a look at the “mastery” section of a ship you like.
But of course don’t neglect the Magic 14 :slight_smile:


I know that after main t2 laser skills , i’ll have to skill to drones 5 and get support drones for my fleetmates, thx for your reply! ( I wont forget about main 14 tho)

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