Long term combat plan

So hi there.

After training most of the support skills in the navigation, engineering, targeting, shield, armor, riggs section i began to skill into (medium) launchers and Tengu. With the T3C i intend to explore and run DED Sites for ISK making. So far so good.

But i have no clue how to continue then. I want to join a “major powerblock pvp” corp one day that fights over sov. i am not too much interested in small gang kitchen sink roams. What would i skill then? all types of small and medium guns and all racial frig to battlecruiser? Specific Battleship(s) with specific large guns (like only large rails and artys). Maybe just the currently favored Machariel + artys and then directly into Capitals?

PVE experience doesn’t prepare you for PVP, nor does it give you the killboard stats required to be accepted as a PVP’er.

Once you decide to join the PVP group, if they accept you, see what their ship doctrines are (the ships they want you to fly) and skill for those. Participate in PVP ops, and build enough trust that they’ll let you participate in their capital ship fleets.

Basically, this game is NOT like other MMO’s where, if you have the skills and gear to be a tank or healer, you can instantly join any high-end guild and be a tank or healer. Because in this game you can kill your corpmates and steal their stuff. So nobody trusts you. Your question was about skills, but you can’t skip the “build a reputation and build trust” phase.

TL;DR - it depends on the ship doctrines each major alliance has, and you should be worried about whether they’ll take you and trust you

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If you can fly Tengu you also will be able to fly a Basilisk.
And usually everyone likes logistics pilots.

So if you can fly a T2 fitted logi you definitely raise your chances getting accepted in a “major power block”.

But I would recommend to join the alliance of your choice rather sooner than later.
With their doctrines at hand the decision about what to skill should become obsolete.

If you think large fleet fights or roams through nullsec is a path you want to follow, check out Brave Newbies, Karma Fleet or Pandemic Horde. These are new player friendly with low barrier to entry. They will provide training and experience.

The time to move is now - nothing you can do on your own will make you better prepared.

A link to Brave: https://wiki.braveineve.com/public/dojo/start

Playing the wrong game then. Based on the maps and information that filters in from other sources sov in nul seems to be rather stable at the moment, sure there are border skirmishes but they seem to be more about fighting because the players are bored than it does about contesting sov so I suggest you look into this a lot more.

I found large battles (more than 50 ships on each side) to be extremely boring, at that size and above the game mechanics have more to do with how battles are fought than anything else. But then if you like being told which ship to fly because fleet doctrine, how you fit that ship because fleet doctrine, how you fly that ship because fleet orders, which target you shoot because fleet orders and the list goes on all while you are dealing with eyebrows deep TiDi then perhaps one of the major power blocks would be right for you.

On the other hand if you want to experience PvP in this game with more variation then those small groups you do not like may be the best place for you. I tried the nul life and quickly got bored of the sameness of everything that goes on. For the most part the battles seemed like they were a script from a movie and not an actual test of skills, abilities and tactics. So I tried worm hole life and that was even more boring than nul sec, so I moved the character to a low sec group and the fun has not stopped since.