Should I invest in 2w+ skills on 1 month character?

I’m currently about a day into training for Medium Hybrid Turret V which at my current attributes has 2w 20h remaining.

My question is, given my character is a month old, should I be focusing on getting this skill to unlock T2 turrets. Or would I be better off investing time in quicker skills to round off my characters abilities a bit more?

I currently have the engineering skills (Cap/CPU/Grid Management, Cap Ops, Weapon Upgrades) to IV.
I have Drones V, but the other drones skills are ~2-3 so they could use training.
I could also do with getting some more gunnery and navigation skills to IV.

So should I be trying to get my bread and butter skills to IV before going for the “expensive” V skills?


Focus on the Core Skills. For beginning ist a good idea to but them on 3 or 4, after that you can think about for MHT V und the Spec.
Not only the Engineering Skills.
Shield Upgrades, Hull Upgrades, Armor… etc etc … Rigs Skills …

But why use T2 Wapeons if you dont have the CPU or PG to fit the ship than well.

And yes ist more importend to learn your bread and butter skills to IV.
What Ship do you want to fly ? Cruiser ? Battle Cruiser ? PVE ? PVP ?

Advance Weapon Upgrades V will allow you to fit those T2 guns. Without it and the other fitting/engineering skills at V, you are better off with meta 4 T1 rails and blasters.

Thanks Kira,

My current goal is to fly a well fit VNI for ratting and PvP.

Thanks Crawfish, I will focus on my core skills for now.

Do a search for eve magic 14, it will show you the core 14 skills that a new player should consider training.

I think shield fit with, 100mn AB.

Heavy Drones to IV and use Faction Drones, they have better tracking.
For Sacntums or Havens, use 50 - 60km Orbit for the Center.
No wapons the of the High Slots in this case. The heavy faction drones will made the Job.
Maybe an Autotargeter in the High Slot, or a Drone Navigation Computer.

Okay, here is my optinion for PVP First try to fly smaller ships in PVP. Tackler Frigs are evertime welcom in PVP fleets. Also Destroyer made Fun … to be an F1 Drone is not realy what do you want to be in EVE.

EVE Magic 14

Thanks for the responses folks. I’ll look into upgrading my “Magic 14” to at least IV before I move onto the bigger skills like MHT V.

I’ll also invest my time more wisely into navigation/gunnery/Targeting etc skills and make my goal to fly a well fit Frig like a Tristan for now.

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