Need some advice on what skills to level to 5

Sorry I know this is probably a common thread and I apologize for adding to the list but I really need just a bit of advice.

Firstly I wanna say that I have used skill injectors before (as you might notice per my skill sheet), and I’m planning to do it one LAST time. I KNOW that this is mostly frowned upon and most people advice against it but please hear me out first, you will notice that I have put none of these skill points into my ship skills and mostly into core/support skills since I don’t want to entirely ruin my newbie experience and I don’t mind waiting to train into higher tier ships.

Basically I’ve been having a lot of fun pvping and that’s my main focus, I’ve been enjoying turrets and hybrids quite a lot and still trying to like missiles and hopefully I will eventually. My favorite ships so far are the caldari, gallente and occasionally minmatar but the other two will be my primary focus for now. I’m usually flying with small gangs/fleets and I usually go for DPS as I need to practice my tackling eventually.

And one last thing, I’m planning to fly only subcaps, no interest in capitals at all.

Character skill sheet:

I will really appreciate any advice whether its negative or positive.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Get Thermodynamics to 5 as overheating will make or break some engagments. Get the rest of your Gunnery support skills to 5 as soon as you can also, it will make a huge difference.

Aside from the above, you have a good baseline set of skills. The rest is mostly subjective, depending on what you like to fly, and your current situation.

Thanks so much for the reply, also I was wondering what priority are shield/armor skills to get to level 5 or are they subjective as well as you said?

Well, I decided to max out my shield, armor skills along with a few more “core skill” that affect all ships, hope this was a good approach, now I’ll just naturally finish off training gunnery and missiles including the ship skills.
Still any feedback is welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

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Best thing to do is max core skills and both armour and shield. And specialize into what you’re aiming for.

This remap:
-Advanced Weapon Upgrades
-Guided Missile Precision
-Missile Projection
-Warhead Upgrades

Int/Mem remap (although there is no real need to do that kind of remap, because besides the following skills you don’t need to train much with that remap):
-Signature Focusing (if using target painters (and then you might want to have a look at Frequency Modulation and Long Distance Jamming, too))
-Biology (if using boosters (at least sometimes CCP gives us some skill training boosters for free))
-Infomorph Synchronizing (maybe not to 5 but it is nice to have if you switch clones two days in a row)

Mem/Per remap (only train Drones under this remap (or Resource Processing skills which will train very fast but not fastest with this remap - although you don’t need those skills for what you are doing now))
-Drone Durability
-Drone Interfacing
-Drone Sharpshooting

I did int, per and mem.

High int as its the most common primary and secondary.
The above average per as its the second most common primary.
And mem next highest as its the most common secondary.
Wis and Cha i left low as with the others they help.

But thats for my training.

Look at you next 6 months worth of training, find your primary att in most required for all skills trained. Then look at the next two, then look at secondary att the same way.
Then select the most require primary followed be the most required secondary and next most require primary.
These you put to as high as possible, with favor to the highest primary.

In my case i maxed out int, and the balance of the leftover points in per, with a few throw in mem to help with certain skills, as a above low primary or as an ok secondary.

He has already done a perfect remap for weapon and ship skills and told us that he is about to train those skills.
And why doing it the way you say, when that can lead to doing it wrong? Just use EveMon and let it tell u what remap to use.

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I’d like to add my 2 cents. I would only do a Mem/Per remap if I were going to train fighters. Without the fighter skills it’s not worth spending an entire year’s remap. OP does have 2 bonus remaps though, which is awesome, but he could still train nearly all the sub cap drone skills in less than 6 months even without a remap.

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