What to train now?


This is my character that I’ve been playing on and off for a few years. I rat for isk and train combat skills for the most part, but I also like the idea of pvp. My goal when I first started playing was to fly every sub cap ship well. Anyway, any suggestions what I should train next. Got to the point I’m not sure what to train next or branch off too. Did I miss anything? Any suggestions what direction I should in my training? Thanks for any input.

I still see lots of skills at level 4. Finish those to 5, that should keep you busy for a while.


All your armor resistances to 5

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Are you referring to the armor compensation skills? The returns seems so minimal when I plug the skills into EFT that they didnt seem worth it to train to level 5. Is it worth it?

The ones I left at level 4 didnt seem to be worth it to level 5 because the returns for the training time didnt seem worthwhile? Did you have any specific skills in mind that you think I should consider/reconsider to train to level 5? Thank for the reply.

Considering the changes to the resistance % on modules, yeah its worth it!

I know the feeling born 2008, and pretty much have 98 % of skills trained on my Main.

When I basically ran out of sub-cap skills to train, I rechecked my skill sheet and started maxing out all my current skills. Even though some of the level 5 skills have a rather long train time for a small increase in performance stats, it’s still worth it to train them simply because every little bit helps. That extra 2% increase could be the difference between failure and success.

Rank V of the armor compensation skills actually gives the biggest bonus. That’s because your tank approaches infinity as you get your resists closer and closer to 100%. Naturally, this means that the increase to EHP and repair rate from rank V might not look that impressive on fits with lower resist profiles (especially if you have a resist hole). But it can and will make a huge difference on high resist fits.


Interesting! I didn’t realize this. The chart is very helpful.

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