Skills to max powergrid, cpu, and cap

Which skills do I need to train to alleviate a lot of fitting issues? I am sure it will be a fairly decent training grind but I want to get them out of the way so that I can fit multiple types of ships. Any suggestions?

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Have a look at
The fitting skills are in the engineering section, but the article provides a good run through the range of skills available. There are additional skills if you specialise in a particular area.
Reading their Support Skills page is also worthwhile.
There’s a lot of good stuff in the University.

Check, however, whether your clone state (Alpha or Omega) allows you to train a particular skill or not, and to what level. In general, specialisation is not possible for Alpha pilots, although they can become highly effective generalists.

It is not obligatory to train a skill to its maximum. Use a tool such as PYFA to look at what you can fit and what the skill needs are. Also, as some are a long training time, have consideration as to what your long-term interests may be. Training weapon skills to ncrease damage and capacitor efficiency may be better than just increasing capacitor performance. It’s a balance - and there’s no right or wrong.
Unless you are flying Amarrian ships when training anything to help capacitor performance is very useful. Energy Turrets effective, but chew capacitor.


I am omega clone as far as training is concerned. I have tried pyfa but it only gives me skills qualify to use the ship and fittings, not what I need to increase to up certain things. I am fully qualified to use the stabber and all fittings needed for a specific fit. Here is the fitting for that stabber in which I am over by 49 on powergrid.

I exported the skills needed to evemon and it shows that I don’t have any skills to train. Obviously I do have skills needed to train so I can use all of the fittings. This character is mainly going to be combat piloting so I was hoping that there were some skills that I could train to 5 that would work for multiple ships instead of trying to guess for each ship. It would be even better if there were a program that would tell which skills to take to which level to master a specific ship. It looks like I am just going to have to guess as I go and hope I am not wasting training time. :frowning:

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Sent you a few basic ideas in game. Get hold if it was a bit too short a list.

There is. Look in the ships Show Info window in game, look for the Mastery tab. You can achieve several mastery levels for each hull with higher training in relevant skills. Check it out for an idea what to train for a certain hull.

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I did not know about that but that works. I had been hoping for something that I could put into evemon so I could then add multiple skills to my skill plan but guess I shouldn’t be so lazy. Thanks for the info, I have started adding skills to my queue from checking mastery in game.

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You are beginning to get the right ideas and a good approach. Looking at the Stabber fitting you posted, and bearing in mind I’m an Amarrian pilot, so roll with my ignorance, there are a couple of thoughts.

The rigs: I can see why you are thinking of greater warp speed (wait 'till you fly Battleships or larger!), but increasing the maximum warp speed won’t get you around most systems much faster, typically only a few seconds are spent at maximum warp speed. If you are looking at fast travel then it’s reducing align time that is important. You may be better off replacing one with an Ancillary Current Router. That will solve the power grid problem instantly.

The underlying problem could be the two large extenders and a MWD. Look at trying one extender and and some hardeners. Pick the hardeners based on the missions you are flying - or failing that EM and Thermal to fill the resistance holes. A mission appropriate hardener and a shield extender rig will roughly equal a large shield extender and save about 130 grid. Enough you can realistically put something useful in that empty mid-slot. Or upgrade the guns.
And using hardeners prevents you having a huge signature - the bigger the signature, the easier it is for big weapons to hurt you.

And while we’re there: the Autocannons. I like your using lower calibre weapons - they are often overlooked; they have very useful tracking bonuses if your skills are low, but seriously look at higher meta versions: the 220m Medium Prototype Automatic Cannons do more damage for slightly lower fitting requirements - the downside is it’ll add a million to the total ship cost.

I’m Amarrian, so I avoid Nanofibre in the lows - it reduces armour amount (most Amarrian ships are armour tanked rather than shield based) - for better damage application look at fitting Tracking Enhancers to increase fall off range (you are going to be fighting in falloff range - it’s a characteristic of Autocannons) or shield power relays to speed up shield recharging.

As I said, you may want to ignore or vary the above. There is no “right way” to fit a ship. It always depends on skills and what you are planning to do with the ship. All I hope is to give you ideas and the reasons behind them.

Remember: the limits on PG and CPU are there to force you to pick your own balance between firepower, mobility and defence within a particular hull. Your ship won’t excel at everything (it’s a Minmatar bucket of rust with a signature after all), but it will serve you well.


Advanced weapon upgrades v.

The implication here is that you’re also maxing out the other fitting related skills.


most of the relevant skills are in Engineering.

Power Grid management (5% PG per level)
Advanced Weapon Upgrades (2% less PG on turrets and launchers)
Shield upgrades (5% less PG on those shield extenders per level)
Rigging skills, Some rigs have PG as a drawback, I have a few fits that need all the above skills at 5 and the specific rigging skill at 4-5. Check the rigs you are using for relevant drawbacks.

CPU Management 5%/level on your ship
Weapon Upgrades (5% CPU per level for guns/launchers)
Rigging skills (a few rigs have CPU related penalties)


Firstly, there are definitely some good replies in this thread. As someone who’s played on and off for years and constantly feels like a newbie despite playing since 2008, here’s what I recommend:

It depends.

It really depends on the next thing you are doing. Use the agent finder, read up online, find out what you want to do first, and work on those skills. If you know enough ahead to get all those in, then plan the next thing.

What is most likely to happen is that you’ll plan one direction, get some skills learned, and then later find yourself doing something else. So if you don’t have a hugely overarching goal, then just spend skill points on what you wanna do next. For myself, I eventually want to play a certain vertical minmatar ship later this year, so I’m working on those skills, but when I find something more interesting in the mean time I push my current skills in training to the backlog. But if you can always keep a backlog, you will always know what to train. :smiley:

Beyond that advice, for general recommendations I’d advise getting a little bit of everything that can be quickly learned. Get to level 1 or 2 of everything you can, look up books and buy stuff. I’ve found countless times where I needed one little 10 min skill and had to annoyingly go out of my way to find it. So I just started filling up my skills so I’d learn 20-30 in a day. Got a vacation coming up? Go on a book run and scoop up a bunch.


Hi, the following are the skills I recommend, other peoples opinions may vary, but I have made a bunch of toons throughout my time and follow this and it works relatively well. All of the skills you should take up to level 4. then decide which ones to take up to level 5 and in what order. Just because you can fit something, doesn’t mean you can actually effectively use it and you may find out you wasted training time. Once you have these trained to level 5, then go to your skils, and hit the arrow down to “show all skills” you will know which ones you want next.

Don’t forget you can also remap your stats, for far more effective trainign speed. If combat, I recommend Perception highest, Willpower 2nd, Memory 3rd. Ditch Int and Charisma entirely.

So here goes:

Under Science:

  1. Science lvl 4 ASAP - trust me, it is required for quite a bit of stuff + boosters which will help you train much faster.

Under Neural ENhancement:
Cybernetics and Biology to 5 ASAP and get into lvl 5 training implants and use the event training boosters. This is a HUGE help in training speed. Without this, all your other trainign for the rest of the whole game will be slowed down. So these are the very 1st things you should get.

In Engineering:

  1. Capacitor Systems Operation
  2. Capacitor Management
  3. CPU Management
  4. Power grid Management
  5. Weapon Upgrades
  6. Thermodynamics, Nanite Operation and Nanite Interfacing but only to level 2-3 initially. Higher later.
  7. Resistance Phasing if you fly armor tanked ships, not necessary if shield. Very important for reactive hardeners.

Under Navigation:
Navigation, Evasive Manuvering and Warp Drive Operation get to 5 ASAP.
Afterburners, High Speed Manuvering, Acceleration Control and Fuel Conservation, you need initially at 2-3 and then take the ones you use the most up from there.

Under Armor:
Mechanics and Hull Upgrades get to lvl 5 ASAP even if you don’t fly armor ships.
Rest of the skills there are up to you, if you fly armor ships then you want the Compensation and Repair Systems skills at 5 ASAP. If not, then you can just start on them or even skip for now.

Under Shields:
Shield Operation and Shield Management at lvl 5 ASAP even if you don’t fly shield ships. It helps.
Then the Shield Upgrades and Tactical Shield Manipulation at least at 4.
Then the compensation skills.

Under Targeting:
Long Range Targeting, Target Management and Signature Analysis to lvl 5 ASAP.
Rest of the targeting skills as you need them.

Under Rigging:
Jury Rigging to lvl 3 ASAP
Then whatever rig types you use, get to lvl 4 ASAP.
Then the rest for later.

Then focus on a single weapon type, eitehr turrets or missles or drones, don’t spread yourself. I do recommend missles or drones for starters because they are easier to play for beginners and don’t use cap. Artillery and Autocannons don’t use cap either, but have a lot of other mechanics to consider and huge powergrid requirements.

I highly recommend you jsut make an investment and pop some Skill injectors before you hit 10 million SP. Because after that they start to have diminishing returns, the higher you go the less they give you. In fact, I’d pop them now and keep the skillpoints unused until you have a better idea how to allocate them.

Hope this helps you out a bit


It seems you’re trying to do a speed tank. Granted that helps for not getting hit but with dual large shield extenders and a Microwarpdrive your ship signature becomes very large which actually makes it easier to hit. Plus there’s a big hole in the shield EM resistance which should be plugged. Also when going really fast your guns will have a very tough time tracking targets causing your shots to miss.

I think bringing ship signature down and increasing shield resistance / shield recharge along with adding tracking ability as well as increasing missile and drone DPS will make the ship perform much better.

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I was tinkering with something similar, keeping some of @Ner_ro_Darkmist’s original thinking and adding my own ignorance.
Dual large extenders is possible with a field purger rig. I’ve kept T2 parts to a minimum - T2 rigs are expensive, but T2 damage mods are worth it.
An MWD and an EM ward to fill the hole rounds it out.
23k EHP buffer tank (bug out at 20% shield - your armour isn’t worth damn) and 306 DPS all up with faction ammo (274 without). It should run missions well, but like any cruiser will struggle on Security 3 missions.
Use the Rapid Lights to clear frigates.
Those 220mm ACs are good - not significantly poorer than the bigger guns and a lot easier to fit.

Caveat: this works on my skills and my skills aren’t your skills.

[Stabber, Concept]
Damage Control II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II

Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender

220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Medium Prototype Automatic Cannon, Republic Fleet EMP M
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher, Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Rapid Light Missile Launcher, Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Charge Economizer I

Acolyte I x5

Still don’t like Rust Buckets.


Yeah, I’m a Minmatar mission and exploration runner and I’ve found that having high resists and a smaller ship signature actually provides better defense than just fitting up a large buffer tank, plus the faster you can destroy the rats, the less DPS you have to tank.

Course the whole trick is to stay moving which isn’t a problem in lv 1 and lv 2 missions. For lv 3 missions I suggest using a Battlecruiser.

I don’t like using a MWD in PvE content for a few reasons, it gives increased ship signature, uses too much fitting resources and makes ships cap unstable.

The C3-X Ballistic Control System increases both missile and drone damage and since that module was dropping like mad during ‘The Hunt’ event, it shouldn’t be very expensive on the market.

As an Omega clone he should be looking to get access to T2 equipment asap. T2 ammo does a world of hurt and is rather cheap compared to Faction ammo. I use to only use Faction ammo when I needed a little extra DPS application, now after 10 yrs of playing, I can afford to use Faction ammo most of the time, I use Barrage for taking out frigs at long range and Hail to take out structures up close. For Missiles I like to use T2 Fury, has the best damage stats.

Anyway, my fit was just a suggestion, I’m sure there’s probably fits that work better.

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I agree with you. I dislike shield buffers for that reason. Small and fast reduces damage taken. If you are mission running high resists really help with active tanks.
I find as an Amarrian pilot that the main problem with the MWD is it’s cap hungry and reduces cap size.

I didn’t know that about the C3-X I might buy a few - they’d go well on Dragoons, Arbitrators and Armageddons.
I almost always use Navy Crystals in Energy Turrets, and advanced where appropriate (Sorch!). Bring the light to their pitiful lives. It’s worth the cost.

Always be careful with T2 ammunition - it normally has a downside. Rage missiles for example do great damage, but apply much more poorly against smaller targets than Faction ammunition (an explosion radius/velocity thing). Likewise, Conflagration is the short range high power pulse laser ammunition, but has a real problem tracking small/fast targets when IN Multifrequency is better. But if your trying to smash up a battleship…

Fitting a T2 tank is a good first step in increasing your effectiveness.


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