[fitting tool] add mine|alpha|omega skills selection

Very simple suggestion : let people choose between (my implants and skills), (naked allV omega), (naked all V alpha) on the simulation fitting screen.
Just add 3 icons just below the “skill requirement/module mod /skill mode” (top left of main fitting panel), with a single head (same icon used for “personal fitting”) for my skills and implants, an “alpha” symbol for alpha skills naked, and an omega symbol for omega skills naked.

This would allow us

  • to check the ability to fit a ship with alpha/omega skills
  • to check how many my implants add if I already have max skills

Right now I want to give a machariel to an alpha but I’m not sure if he can fit it. I’m pretty sure he has maxed out alpha skills, but even then …

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after thinking a bit, I think it would actually be better to have 3 selectors instead of a 3-choice switch

  • my implants on/off (default on). icon would be the one of “neural enhancement” group in skill sheet. Border is green when on, grey when off
  • all V on/off(default off mean my skills level). Overrides your skills level to V in the simulation. Icon is a v , border is green when on, grey when off.
  • active alpha/omega/my (default my). Icon is half alpha, half omega. border is grey when “my”, pale green when omega, pale orange when alpha. overrides your active skills with alpha/omega status .

This allows to select allV omega, allV alpha, my skill omega, my skill alpha , and activate or not my implants.

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You can check skill compatibility in Pyfa and export fits in EvE. And for “all 5 alpha” in Pyfa all you need to do is copy “all 5” character and set is as an alpha clone.

Edit: that doesnt mean that i am against the suggestion. On contrary, i welcome any and all improvements to in-game fitting tool as long as they make sense and this one is sensible enough.

I would also appreciate the ability to assemble and validate alpha friendly fits more easily.

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