Fitting Simulation Option: Fit as Alpha or Omega

Simple proposal: when simulating a fit, add an option to either only allow Alpha skills (if you’re an Omega) or allow all of your disabled Omega skills (if you’re an Alpha).

I have a couple of Omega characters that I’m letting lapse soon and I want to fit up some new ships for them…but if I do it now, I won’t know if the fits would actually work with the reduced skill set without waiting.

Thoughts, feedback, criticisms welcome.



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Yeah, the in-game fitting tool doesn’t hold a candle to Pyfa. I mean, I sometimes use it because of the ability to easily share fits, convenience, and that it doesn’t assault my eyes with a big white screen. But I use Pyfa for most of my theory crafting.

Eve university has a guide for using it, but it looks like the character import section is out of date. If you have any questions, ask.

I was just thinking about this the other day, but didn’t bother to suggest it, because the forums are rife with worthless people who troll for no reason other than they suck.

I would love this option in game.

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I think this option would have considerable merit.

Over the past year I have been asked to help create fits for alphas when other vets that have alpha accounts are not around. I have omega only accounts. so this option I think would not only help myself but other Omega account game veterans to check or create alpha fits on the fly in game.


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The problem with this is that, at least as of the last time I used PYFA, there is no way to differentiate between clone state when you import a character; you get all of the skills the character has without any way of knowing which are active or not. To do what I’m suggesting in PYFA, you’d either need to input multiple characters by hand, or somehow be able to read the clone state from the EvE API and adjust active skills accordingly.

(I think that second part would be a fantastic idea for PYFA if it’s not already implemented, but this isn’t the place to discuss that.)

Also…the whole “But use third party tools!” rationale has never sat well with me. If there were no way to simulate ship fittings within the game client, sure, this would be a large ask. But there already is a ship fitting tool within the game client, so adding the ability to chose Alpha or Omega skills in the already existing tool seems like a very easy to implement change that would make that tool far more useful.

This would also be useful to people who help Alpha friends.


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Yeah, Pyfa could be more convenient with creating fits for other players. I had to manually create an alpha clone toon, but it works.

And on a side note, I’m personally a huge fan of third party tools. CCP does have limited resources, so every problem that a third party dev addresses frees up resources for CCP to work on other stuff. I mean, 3rd party devs are essentially doing free work for CCP. Second, a lot of the things that 3rd party devs do appeal to only a small portion of the playerbase; thus, it would be really hard for CCP to justify working on some of those things (i.e. human resource tools for alliances and corps probably only get used by a few hundred players). Third, 2 heads/devs are better than one. Different people will come up with different solutions and novel ideas, and the better ones will get adopted and improved upon by others. In fact, I’m willing to bet that CCP took a good look at Pyfa (and possibly old tools like Evemon) before they designed their own.

And yeah, the in-game fitting tool does definitely fall short in a lot of regards. But, I honestly prefer that CCP work on other stuff. I’ll just keep using Pyfa, and pray that it one day gets a dark theme.

Also, thanks to all the 3rd party devs!

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