Fitting Menu: "Stats Based on Friends Skills."

While designing fits, or looking at fits usually it will be for a lower level’d players. There are no options to view the statistics, such as CaP, Power Grid, and CPU. Based on your friends skills. This tool would be very helpful and remove a ton of headache.

I presume the friend has to hit a button and it only lasts a short time that you can use their skills in the editor…

Something like this would be super handy but i think we were told the client can’t conceive any skills or implants other than the current character.

What I’ve done is created an alpha with a few days training in core and weaponry skills and the rest in various spaceship command skills. I can make fits on that char that any alpha can use in a few days.

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Eve online is 11 years old, and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Sure it may take development work. I would argue would be worth the time. If the goal is to continue bringing in fresh players adding tools such as this will greatly increase the communitys’ ability to assist those newbros.

Edit Correction… 16 years now.

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