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Hey all, I’m a new player in Eve online, made my account in summer of 2017, but I’m playing with some interruptions since I have a very demanding work schedule. I’ve been Omega for a month, but haven’t had much time to experience it properly, again, because of work.
Now I have some free time now and then(let’s say 8-10 hours weekly), and I will remain Alpha until I have some more free time to go full Omega, since I don’t wanna “waste” Omega time.

Is there any priority in skill training, mostly regarding to Alpha Clones since we have limits? I have already figured out that, for example, CPU management is quite important and I am currently training it to level 5. Are there any other skills that I should prioritize?

I am currently in no corporation at all, since I am still a new player, and during my play time it is relatively late so I can’t use Teamspeak at all times so I don’t wake up my wife, and almost all of the corporations demand usage of TS or similar software. I would like to go PvP(solo or group) in some near future.

Thank you in advance.

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Depends entirely on what you plan to do in the game and what ships you want to fly.

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^ This. If you let us know what your plans are we probably can recommend skill plans or at least general guidelines.

Though here’s my general advice:

As I have 7 accounts with 20 chars I can recommend training navigation (for speed and maneuverability), shield related (for cheap passive tank) and targeting (may not be necessary but never a bad thing) skills as almost all types of activities benefit from those even just simple travel fit ships.

For combat the best is to train drone skills as most ships can field drones and they can provide a considerable DPS on their own and later when you train for specific (non-drone) weapon systems the drones add to their DPS.


I would like to go PvP(solo or group) in some near future.

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Thank you a lot for your answer.

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For combat, Alpha and Omega pilots have, generally, the same priorities; it’s just that Alpha stops you mid-way through the process (skill levels 3-4), whereas Omega can continue into specialized training that may require maxed-out (skill level 5) prerequisites.

Skills in EVE can be put into these broad categories:

  1. Ship skills - Spaceship Command group - these skills unlock new ships

  2. Weapon skills - Gunnery, Missiles, Drones - train the weapons that YOUR ships use

  3. Support skills - Armor, Shields, Rigs, Engineering, Navigation, Electronics, Targeting - the bigger or more advanced your ships are, the more you’re expected to train your support skills, so that your ship can perform adequately in combat.

  4. Misc. or non-combat - Cybernetics, Trading, Social, Industry, Materials Processing, Planetary Industry, etc. - train as desired.

So, you’re looking at picking some ships (frigates, destroyers, cruisers) from 1 or 2 races and training those and their weapon systems, and then also training the support skills to at least 3 squares so you can put some shields and armor on your ships. Use the in-game Ships Chart to look at the ships and figure out what you want, and also read some guides on the internet.

EVE University skill categories
EVE University ships and fitting suggestions


Hard to answer.

Here’s some “generic” advice that’s probably not worth a ton but I’ll give it anyway.

  1. Pick a faction who’s ships you’d like to specialize in. Yes, you can train all faction ships now, but you have a 5m skillpoint cap when your training will crap out… so focus will still help you.

For this example I’m going to say you picked gallente ships.

  1. Train the skills for the T1 combat frigate you are most interested in for your faction to use T2 modules. This means getting mechanics high enough to use T2 armor reps, shield skills high enough for T2 extenders… and so on. It also means getting your primary weapon skills high enough to use T2… so if you’re in a Tristan that means getting light drones to V and drone specialization for each race to lvl 1. If you’re in an incursus then small hybrids to V and either small blaster specialization or small railgun specialization to 1. If you’re in a Tristan… perhaps neut skills as well. Max out your fitting skills (the ones that boost your powergrid/CPU) Gunnery/drone support skills would be good to throw in as well.

  2. Start fighting in your frigate. Heck, start before this with meta-modules to be honest. But you’ve got the T2 stuff you need.

  3. Train destroyers. For the catalyst you don’t need much more than the destroyer skill as it still uses small hybrids. For the Algos, you’ll need to train medium drones to V. While you’re here, I’d go ahead and max out the gunnery or drone support skills while you practice getting blown up and learning to fight in FW plexes.

  4. Train cruisers. Continue maxing out all combat support skills. by the time you fly cruisers regularly, you’ll want alpha max targeting/navigation/engineering/shield/armor/electronics/gunnery/drones(or missiles… or both). Get T2 medium weapons for your ship. If you fly a Vexor, get heavy drones as high as you can.

Not sure where this leaves you with skill points. You might already be maxed. If you have some room to play with, you can go to BC… but I’d pass on anything using heavy weapons. Good for something like a Ferrox (for Caldari) which just use medium weapons. Less good for a Myrmidon for example. YOu could also then go for pirate faction ships. If you were gallente and drone focused… you could switch to Gurristas so you move from the Vexor to the Gila. You’ll need to catch up your missile skills and train caldari ships. Or you could switch to SOE ships with amarr needed… though it’s less interesting without the cloaks. Or go Mordus Legion (adding Caldari) for the Orthrus… again needing missile skills. Or add Minmatar for Angel ships like the Cynabal (need to train projectiles) or Serpentis for the Vigilant (uses hybrids).

But there are probably better answers.


One thing you should think about is your SP ceiling, you will not be able to train all available skills and be under the 5 million skillcap, so make a plan of attack, what ships do you want to use? After getting many core skills out of the way, I would suggest training as much ship command and weapon skills as possible so that you can fly as many ships as possible. For example, I have an ‘old’ alpha that was maxed out, he can not cross train into other races because he has no more SP room. (There are ways to do it like daily injectors, but I dont want to pay anything for it).


Thank you all for your answers, they have been quite helpful. I hope I’ll see you in game soon :relieved:

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For a lead, I finished the basic skillplan from EvE Uni in my first months in New Eden:
I’m still about to finish the advanced plan provided there, but I’m afraid that’s way more than 5mil skill points.
And of course don’t neglect the Magic 14!


Thank you a lot, this is brilliant!

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All good answers here.

I don’t know what skills are available for Alpha Clones since CCP has changed them again.

However I will say that even if you’re not logging into the game very often, it’s a good idea to have your character training skills as an Omega Clone for faster character development. It will improve your ability to play the game much more easily, not to mention give you more game play options to indulge in.

Getting the Core Fitting Skills trained up asap will allow you to easily fit up ships which in turn allows you to enjoy the game.

Core Fitting Skills

Acceleration Control - To maximize Afterburner & MWD speed.
Advanced Weapon Upgrades - To reduce turrets and launchers powergrid need.
Afterburner - To reduce Afterburner duration & capacitor need.
Capacitor Management - To maximize Capacitor.
Capacitor Systems Operation - To maximize capacitor recharge rate.
CPU Management - To maximize CPU.
Electronics Upgrades - To reduce sensors & co-processors CPU requirements.
Energy Grid Upgrades - To reduce power modules CPU requirements.
Evasive Maneuvering - To increase acceleration & agility.
Fuel Conservation - To reduce Afterburner capacitor need.
High Speed Maneuvering - To reduce MWD capacitor need.
Hull Upgrades - To maximize armor.
Mechanics - To maximize structure.
Navigation - To increase ship velocity.
Power Grid Management - To maximize powergrid.
Repair Systems - To operate best armor/hull repair modules.
Shield Management - To maximize shield.
Shield Operation - To maximize shield recharge rate.
Shield Upgrades - To reduce shield upgrades powergrid need.
Spaceship Command - To increase ship agility.
Warp Drive Operation - To reduce capacitor need for warp.
Weapon Upgrades - To reduce turrets and launchers CPU need.

These are listed in alphabetical order only, which skill to train first depends on your needs.

I suggest taking them up to level 3 to start, then work on maxing them asap. Don’t forget to include the other main / support skills such as specific ship class, defensive, offensive and career based skills. Don’t just queue up one skill to train multiple levels, queue up multiple skills to train up one level each, that way you’ll be able to easily play the game much sooner.

Good luck to you, may you have a long and rewarding career here.

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Click “show” at the table headers (“Group[show] Skill Rank Points”) to reveal the current (expanded) Alpha skillset (maximum skill limits).


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