Alpha Clone maxed "by mistake" - New ship required

Hi everyone,

I just maxed my first alpha clone and realized I had maximum point (yeahh rookie mistake). I would like to set a 2nd alpha for PVE (which is what I’m doing the most due to my playtime). I would use my current alpha to keep mining and use my new one exclusively for PVE. I’m a Gallente, but since I just started race doesn’t matter much.

So basically,
1 - What’s the best ship I should aim for? Not gonna level all ship class for nothing…

2- Skill, I’m following the Magic 14 guide but already went Drone 3 and also leveled Shield Upgrade to level 3… shouldn’t be much of a problem but I would like to know if there’s a more optimal guide for PVE.

3- Any other tips is welcome… oh btw current budget with new clone will be around 30M+ once contract executed…

Thank you,

The answer, as always in Eve is: it depends.

Do you want to remain under the 5 million “free” skillpoints or use injectors to approach the 20 million Alpha cap?

In the first instance, I would stick to the SoCT ships -Sunesis and Gnosis. They are low cost (likely even lower when people sell their anniversary gifts), have excellent role bonuses and are quite capable with Alpha skills.

If you’re willing to pay for skills beyond the 5 million CCP gives you free Gila is an excellent platform for most PVE an Alpha is allowed to do. The role bonus for drones makes it a very powerful ship even with the Alpha skill restrictions.

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Train for gila

Might be worth buying daily alpha injectors and use those to learn skills above the 5mil SP cap. Alphas can use about 20mil SP worth of skills overall, and if you already did most of the magic 14 it shouldn’t take too much more SP to get into a specific ship.

Also depends on what kind of pve you want to do, there’s a bunch of good ships you can fly alright with ~5mil SP.

Well, my Magic 14 is almost all completed, only forgot a 2-3 skills where I’m at 4/5 or 3/4.

My concern is I can’t jump into battlecruiser or battleship, can’t use any missile, heavy drone or turret!

Alpha skills injector are 80M/piece… I would need for like 1B in Alpah skills… Maybe going Omega for a month would be the solution?

If you do omega for a month, make sure you use that time wisely to skill up what alphas can use… make a skill plan for BC’s and BS’s that you want and since you know Alpha’s can only train up to 4 on any ship (except industrial), you can go forth and not waste a SP on anything that you wouldn’t be able to utilize as an alpha.

If you’re considering Omega for a month, be sure to do it before the current anniversary celebration ends to qualify for the 1 million SP reward.

I tought about it but for 50 000 SP from 5 to 20M thats’s like… 300 days and 240$…

Yes of course I took screenshot of the skills I need and can keep as an alpha not to train Omega skills and get caught at the end…

If I understood correctly, I can go up to 20M with my Alpha and I will keep those SP… over 20M it’s for Omega only and when I return Alpha I won’t be able to train anything, even below 20M.

Yes, and I can claim retroactively the current anniversary reward ^^

I brought up alpha injectors because you can buy them with isk in game and it’s much easier to buy a handful of those than it is to save up for 500 plex. Since you wanted to stay alpha I assumed you didn’t want to spend money. If you are going to pay money it’s almost always better to go omega and train naturally.

you said your magic 14 is close to done, if you were to start another character and try to stay under the 5mil cap you would just have to do all those skills again and have whatever it is left over to train those specific ship skills you want. At alpha training rates how long is that going to take? I’d guess it’s way faster to just wait it out and do the alpha injector each day on the existing character. Even if you only go up to ~10mil sp you are going to be better off imo than having 2 5mil alphas, especially if you want to get into BS/BC hulls.

well, my goal is to stay free, but I dont mind putting a bit of money to help my character and keep having fun. I feel without bigger drones and ship I’ll still get bored fast.

Problem is a plex is about 5M * 500 = 2,5B or 14$. 14$ of Alpha Injector is 22 units which worth 75M each = 1,6B…

Yeah I think I’ll go Omega 1 month maybe 2 and take screenshot of all my required skills in order not to train Omega one and try to get close of the 20M limit.

All Omega skills have a golden frame, you can see it as omega too. You have to be careful and plan your queue in advance.
In two months you can train about 3.5m SP as Omega.

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