Making an alpha clone for the 20.5M sp limit or reactivate an old account?

Hello guys got some questions.

I have some 5M alpha clones, and some +70-80M sp clones from back in the time.

I only play eve from time to time in a small scale, so i dont need the omega clones.

I am considering to make a 20.5m sp clone and just stick to that clone.

But if i reactivate an old charter with high sp and when it goes back til alpha state do i then have the 20.5 Msp skills that alphas can use, or just the 5mill.

Or is it better to train my 5mill alpha to the 20.5 ?

Thx for the help.

You can use any character you may have on your account(s), as Alpha you will only have access to the 20.5 million Skill Point which are on the alpha skill list (no skill points are lost, just unavailable until you go Omega) if you have them all trained ofc :wink:

Training a new character from 5m SP to 20.5m SP will require you to spend a fair amount of money on, Daily Alpha Skill Injectors, Subscribe or PLEX.

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There is nothing to reactivate. You just have to log in and play your old 70 mill clone. Zero reactivation required.

Unless of course you either biomassed your char, or cant remember your old account info. In which case petition ccp for help.

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You’ll probably have some 19m ACTIVE skillpoints. because of a few alpha skills you didn’t skill in the past, and 60m skillpoints that are only omega and thus not active.
If you buy some alpha skill injectors, you can close that small gap to 20,5 m (if it is there anyway). Or you have unallocated SP, that would be even easier and cheaper.
With a skill extractor you can earn very much ISK, perhaps that’s interesting for you. Personally I won’t sell SP, because it was hard enough to earn them, and who knows, perhaps you’ll go omega later on.

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Hello there.

Thank you very much for your help, your answers covered all my questions.

I can see it’s smart to log in to my old character, which I still have access to. :slight_smile:

If there are a small amount of skill points that are necessary to train, it is surely to overcome, rather than playing a new character up to the 20.5M sp.

Once again thank you.

Fly safe 07

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