Starting an Alpha Clone on old account

Hi everyone!

I played EVE Online many years ago. I want to try out the “new” alpha clone system, just to back in the game without a subscription. Then I can continue with my old character if I get hooked again. What would be the best way forward in terms of setting up the account? Can I make an alpha clone on my old account? My main character is probably loaded with Tech2 stuff so I guess it’s only accessible when I pay the subscription. Or should I make a new account with a different email address?

Thanks in advance!


You can use your old character as an alpha but yes a lot of your skills will be locked out and you probably wontbe able to train. However you get 3 character slots on each account if you have no characters in those you can create a new character but on your old account.

Alpha/Omega is a state of account (free/paid) not really a state of character.

Doing your “alpha” test on separate account can be of benefit in the long run: if you decide to return you might need trade/hauling/scout/cyno alts.

I see. I just installed the game and I can see what you mean. A lot of skills are yellowed/locked.

That makes sense, thanks.

Alphas have a soft limit of 5 mil SP. Through alpha injectors or regular injectors, you can skill up to 20.5 mil. Alpha injectors are basically 1/30th of the omega sub. You get SP that’s typical of 24 hrs, but can only be used once per day.

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