I'm thinking about returning to Eve, can I still revive my old charcters?


I’ve been watching Alliance Tournament and I’ve got the ‘itch’ to return to Eve again. I just don’t get how the new clone system works. Can I still get my old characters back with their skill points or do I have to start from scratch?

Also, do I need to get PLEX to get somewhere, since it says that you can double your training speed to get SP?

I stopped playing at 2015 so it’s been awhile.

CCP doesnt delete skill points or assets. Just login and your stuff should be there.
As Alpha you cant use Omega skills, ships and modules though.

Thanks for the reply!

It’s good to know that the skill points are still there, I think I’ll have to get that Omega clone then to get full use of my characters. I think I got over 35 million SP with this character so I don’t think Alpha will cover that…

Alpha covers about 5M skill points.

I often take breaks and come back. Your old characters and all your items will be right where you left them. The only way to get rid of your character is to sell it or delete it.

alpha is pretty much an extended trial account, and omega is pretty much the historical normal game play. IMO it would be better to say Omegas train at normal speed, alphas have half training. If you have the cash I’d suggest just buying sub time directly from CCP as it is typically cheaper than PLEX. I’d only buy plex if my intention was to sell it for isk, or use it to buy SKINs. Of course if you have a lot of isk in game you can buy plex with isk and maintain your sub that way.