Core skills

What are the core skills that all pilots should have regardless of play style or type of ship?

I know it is a rather broad question but I am meaning like every pilot would want CPU Management V.

Any help on this or will I be told it is all personal preference? This is an alpha character and I may have painted myself into a corner with skill choice. I am a tad under 5 mil skill points so cannot extract and will have to spend a bundle in daily alpha injectors to fix most likely so I am going to make a new character and don’t want to make some of the same mistakes.

“It’s all personal preference”

But as you say there are things that most pilots would want. Eve University have a good list that’s worth noting:

The key restriction on Alpha Clones is that you may not be able train them all to Level V, but training them as far as you can is well worth it. The priority for them is personal preference - if you fly Amarrian ships then you may want to improve you capacitor skills ahead of shield skills, but that’s detail.

I can think of edge cases - industrialists and haulers in particular, but the Magic 14 is a good base to work off.

Of course, you will want the relevant skills for your preferred weapon systems and ships. Getting skip skills to IV is always useful because of hull bonuses.


I think the ‘Magic 14’ are all part of the basic skill-set that comes with any new character these days. I used to have a list of these (it’s somewhere on these forums) but I can’t find it now (that’ll teach me to tidyiup my bookmarks…)

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Yes, but initially at a relatively low level (Alpha and Omega start at the same point, the difference is in the upper limits).
The advantage is not in having the skill at Level I, but having them at higher levels (IV or V); for example the capacitor skills give you a performance boost for all ships the equivalent of fitting a capacitor recharger or a rig - giving you more flexibility and options.

The initial skill list is at:
Some of those at Level IV seem pretty generous, there are others outside of the Magic 14 that I’d view as so useful as to be mandatory (Drones to a high enough level so you can fly full bandwidth on your preferred ships).

A lot of personal preferences in skill training.

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I wish I’d known about that page before I worked it all out from scratch in my (now mislaid) forum post :slightly_smiling_face:

That page may, however, be a bit out-of-date - last updated 2017.

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