Plying other faction's ships with alpha clone

I am a Amarr capsuleer, and I really want to try out Caldari ships. according to EVE university wiki, a alpha clone can fly other faction ships with training, but my questions is: do I get debuffs or weaker comparing to a Caldari born capsuleer?

No. It’s all about skills.

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Easy answer: No

More elaborate answer:

Your “skill” in how good a ship is, depends on the skills you train in game.
If you see in the show info it will likely say something like:

5% bonus to weapon “x” damage per skill level

So no matter if you were born Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar, if you have the skill trained to 4, you will get the exaxt same bonus.

The only things that matter for your character race/bloodliine of choice:

  • Handful of trivial starting skills (Gallente start with Gallente weapons and frigate pre-trained)
  • Your starting location in EVE *
  • Your default starting NPC corp
  • Your default NPC corp when you ever leave a player corp


    • your starting location can actually be a good thing to consider when making a new character. If you make a Jita trading alt, why not have him be born close to Jita so you can be there quicker
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oh thanks. so as long as the skills are trained, everything is fine.

yes. everything will be fine once you start training skills up.

now if only ccp would remove pirate ships from alpha… that would be awesome.

pirate ships? like you can fly pirate faction ships?

Yes, and it’s fun!
They always base on a combination of two factions, e.g. Succubus is supported by Amarr and Caldari Frigate skills.
Downside: They are expensive, of course.

are they considered tech 2 ships?

I heard that alpha clone can’t use most tech 2 stuff.

Pirate faction ships are Faction category (green tag), like navy ships. And at least small T2 guns are skillable for Alphas.

There is an old diagram from CCP about where they intend ships to be - and it’s generally correct.
A couple of observations:

  • Improvement doesn’t mean “better” - a specialist is going to out perform a more generalist fit in the specialist role: for example, a T2 Logistics ship, such as a Guardian, is a more capable logistics ship than a Pirate faction ship. Likewise, a Guardian will out perform the T3 Legion when that is configured as a Logistics ship (and is cheaper!). The same applies for other roles.
  • Generalisation means “can be used effectively in more roles” - the advantage T3 ships is a single ship can be rapidly reconfigured for a different role. This enables you to adapt to circumstances in the way a more specialised ship can’t. But at no point will you (in principle) be better than a specialist in a given role. What you can do, especially with a Strategic Cruiser (the T3 Cruiser), is be surprising - If I see a Legion on d-scan, all I know is “its a cruiser sized ship” I know nothing of it’s capabilities until it arrives.
    Similarly, a Pirate or Navy ship can handle a wider range of tasks than a specialised T2 ship can, just not as single minded efficiently as a the specialist in the right role doing that role.

There is a good reason why Alpha Clones are restricted from T2 ships - it is easy to create a free Alpha Clone, and if they could specialise to a high extent they can be used to severely unbalance the game. Additionally, Eve is free to try, and with an Alpha clone you can try most things - and do so almost indefinitely, but if you want to dive deeper into a role and specialise that moves from “trying the game” to “deeply playing and significantly impacting the game” - likewise the more specialist bits of industry and exploration are Omega only.

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oh ok I understand

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