Should Alpha clones be restricted from frigs/dessies/dictors?

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I’ve always thought that alpha clones should not have their access to their racial tier 2 frigs/dessies restricted. Alpha clones should at least get to experience wolfpack PvP and get to fly dictors for null sec fleet engagements. It would give them a great experience that may want to make them actually sub for tier 3 and unrestricted access to cruisers and up.

(Darker Abys) #2

Yeah Alpha’s need some love, all they learn as an alpha at the moment is that their dps is never enough and they are fairly useless in null even though all their corps tell them to move to null, they get there and find themselves ■■■■■■, they cant kill or can only after 30 minutes kill a single BS rat and they are left out of most if not all alliance fleets because they are in non doctrine ships.

Being able to fly some of the T2 ship variants of their current line would improve their gameplay a lot, I would not give them access to bombers, but their exploration T2 would be a big bonus, I think 1 T2 Frigate from each line would do the job, 1 combat cepter, 1 from the cov line, 1 from the logi line etc.

I would not give them access to any other T2, but I would let them get into Battle Cruisers this will let them do level 3 missions, and join some better fleets in their alliances as T1 BC’s are at least used.

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This is just the age old issue of giving someone something for nothing, and then they want and expect more and more because it can never be enough.

This has nothing to do with Alphas really, it’s just present players who want a better second account giving to them.

If you want to fly better ships, sub like the rest of us.

(Everse Aivo) #4

No alphas are fine as is hell I can argue they are too good sice i was able to make 250mil in first hour from making acc.

Alpha has awesome way to learn how to PvP for example finding good tackls/scout is way harder then finding someone to mash F1.
So learning how to be good tackle is way more immportan then dps for newbies. People arent supposed to stay alpha for long you either earn plex as alpha or pay.

(Dom Arkaral) #5

If you want t2 stuff, do like the rest of us normal people and pay up.

Otherwise do with what you have

(Lady Ayeipsia) #6

The problem is this leads to skill creep… Ok so they get T2 frigs and dessies… Which means needing more skills, but the miners feel left out so t2 venture hulls too… But the haulers feel left out so blockade runners and covert OP transports… But they need covert OP cloaks… Crap and they have access to bombers… Didn’t we not want cloak camping alphas?

If you want them to get into PvP, better to ask for access to BC hulls instead. Not saying you’ll get it but that would be a better option maybe… Maybe…

(Krima Sumyungi) #7

Gnosis can be used by Alphas.

(Do Little) #8

When CCP handed out a Gnosis to every subscriber with the Ascension expansion last fall, it was the least expensive battlecruiser in the game and ideal for Alpha clones. After 10 months with no new supply the price is now about 20% more than a standard T1 battlecruiser and heading higher.

CCP, and to a lesser extent we as a player community, need to decide whether we want Alpha clones flying battlecruisers. If so, a limited edition ship is not the way to do it!

They could hand out another batch with Lifeblood like they did last year which would crash the price, but I think we need a consistent supply - a committment from CCP that this ship is and will remain in good supply, before alliances are likely to create doctrines and add them to their SRP programs.

I think it makes a lot more sense to let Alphas train racial battlecruiser 3 and make large racial turret 1 a requirement to fly an attack battlecruiser.

They can still fly a Gnosis - if they can afford it.

(Everse Aivo) #9

Whatcis the point in allowing them to use BC?
they can fly cruisers or learn basics in destroyer fleets. there is a lot for them to play around before they upgrade. I dont see a problem here.

(Krima Sumyungi) #10

They’re Alpha. They literally have until the games demise to make enough for a Gnosis. Limited supply means they better grind faster. The Gnosis has no skill requirements, a normal BC does. They should be grateful for that much even. Oh, and I got a Gnosis as an Alpha within a month, don’t act like it’s some outrageous amount.

Of course, now that you mention the Gnosis being a limited run, I’ve decided the best course of action is to leave the Gnosis that way and simply make all “Special Edition” ships Omega only, including the Gnosis. I’d laugh if CCP did this. Your complaints can actually result in Alphas being nerfed, not buffed as you wish. Love it.

(ArmyOfMe) #11

Let them fly the gnosis etc, its actually the only ship they got that can run lvl 4 missions, do proper sites in 0,0 etc and maybe that way they can afford to plex their accounts.

(Dom Arkaral) #12

They already can fly gnosis’…

(ArmyOfMe) #13

My comment was in regard to that post

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Ah, I didn’t see that one :wink:
My bad

(Namaan) #15

There are a few very minor things we can give to Alphas withiout boosting them to a new level, but T2 ships shouldn’t be one of them.

The only ship I would ask for is a faction dessy to fill that missing option, that’s it.

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