Could you propose me a skill plan for alpha?

Looking forward recommendations on skill plan for alpha player with some pvp potential in mind.
It’s so easy to “trash” that 5 millions cap with IV levels of skills that might not be even worth it… So i wonder if there is some guidance.

I plan to use either Gallente mainly on Tristan, or Caldari mainly on Kestrel.

I can’t vouch for them, but Brave seems to have some, including one for Gallente focused pilots:


My first reaction is "Magic 14” as they provide a good general platform to build on. Getting all or most of them help a lot - increased CPU and PG on the ship enables you to fit better weapons and other modules, better capacitor keeps you in the flight longer and so forth.

Then I read:

The Tristan is a hybrid turret based, armour tanked Gallente ship, the Kestrel a shield tanked Caldari missile ship. There are almost no overlaps there - investing skill points in both will quickly become limiting (I’m Omega, always have been, so “how limited?” isn’t in my experience).

The question then becomes: what activities are you thinking of? Industrial ships (miners) are normally shield tanked. The Caldari ship line are good mission ships - both missile and hybrid hulls.
Hybrids are good, they are used both by the Caldari and Gallente - and are effect weapons for most purposes. The Caldari are more focused on range, Gallente more brawlers - generalising like fury there (they are all fundamentally flawed heretics).

If manufacturing and trading float your boat then investing SP there will benefit you - though the limits for Alpha clones are quite tight: they are consumers rather than producers.

So: what interests you?

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Yeah i meant this OR that, not both together (as alpha i can have up to 3 characters which i can not play at same time, right?). Also Gallente love drones, aren’t they :slight_smile:

Not sure about activities yet, maybe exploration (with imicus or heron i guess). Not much into manufacturing or trading.

That makes more sense.
And in answer to an implicit question: you can’t, even as an Omega account have more than one of the three character slots in logged in at a time. They would need to be in separate Omega accounts.

In which case a missile/shield Caldari pilot and a gunnery/armour pilot makes sense (Amarr is really worth a look at). Gallente would be tempted by focusing on drones/armour.

So saying, some investment in drones is always worthwhile - and almost inevitable as light drones are a good secondary weapon to allow larger ships deal with small targets you can’t track or apply damage to.

The The Magic 14 - EVE University Wiki are worth a look - prioritise based on your interest.

An explorer is always worth the effort - it’s a good source of income as well as an engaging gameplay. You’ll want more focus on scanning and hacking skills as well as a thought towards agility/mobility to help escaping.

Good luck and happy flying.

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Please contact me on discord :
Bluelysian#1484 ( capital sensitive )

I will guide you groundly . Evaluate your current status , needs then personalise.
Meanwhile do not go for Magic 14 for Gods sake
If your intention is learning PvP and optimising your skills according to be efficient your learning process .
Magic 14 big NO NO … it is not PvP on focus . It is jack of all trades core skill list .

If you are referring to the 3 char on one account, you can only play one at a time, even if omega. To multi box as omega you would need another account.

And honestly no dis to terak, refrain from doing the magic 14 unless there is specifically a skill you need, or unless you aren’t sure what to train. Not all ships utilize any and all from magic 14.

Well, I have to admit I’m a big fan of the Magic 14 (link see Terak), but also I have to admit you can play without maxing these skills, for AFAIK all of them are already Lvl 3 in a brand new Char.
Just don’t be surprised if you have fitting or cap issues which others don’t have. These Skills are backgroud skills to make your gameplay more smoothly. You will be disappointed if you max out your Frig and your Weapon skills but neglect the “infrastructure”.

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