Which of those skills are worth training to level V?


I am not a new player by any means but advent of XMas cerebral accelerators allows me to feel like a newbie at least as being able to inject 500k SP a piece! So I have the following skills trained to IV and I’d like to ask which ones should be trained to level V:

Thermodynamics V
Resistance Phasing V
Nanite Operation V
Nanite Interfacing V
Acceleration Control V
High Speed Maneuvering V
Fuel Conservation V
Micro Jump Drive Operation V
Armor Layering V
Missile Projection V
Target Navigation Prediction V

Of course I mean their usefulness in PvP. Thanks in advance for your hints!

It really depends on what you fly.

If you fly a lot of kitey stuff, then the navigation skills seems like a rather safe bet.

Personally, I used to fly a lot of destroyers solo. So I have a personal love for Thermodynamics V. Overheating is also something you will always use no matter the type of PvP.

It really just comes down to what ships you are flying now and which skill would be the best immediate upgrade for that fit.

Well, at the moment I fly null-sec doctrine subcap fleets (all ship types).

You can also just leave the 500k points as unallocated for the time being. Once you’ve injected the points and they are unallocated they stay like this until you spend them.

Maybe somewhere down the line they want you in some doctrine you are not able to fly. Then those 500k injected points are going to be rather nice.

Mainly I would say acceleration control, high speed maneuvering, and if you use missiles, missile projection to 5.

The others aren’t really that important. If you have 200 million sp and are running out of things to skill, then sure, thermodynamics to 5 might be a good time waster. But I wouldn’t bother with the others.

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