1st Year Skill Plan Help

Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I am hoping for some feedback on my first year skill plan. I am not yet sure what I want to do - I want to PvP just not sure what ships - but I have a neural remap and 2 bonus remaps available. I am thinking to start with the support and fitting skills, seeing as how those will benefit me whichever direction I choose, then hopefully will get involved with a corp that has doctrine ships I could skill into. Not sure.

Right now I have Perception/Willpower as my mains, so also not sure if it makes sense to skill into some things on that first.

Anyway, here is my skill plan for the year:

Remap - i27 p17 c17 w17 m21
All Int primary skills:

Capacitor Management V
Shield Operation V
Shield Management V
Signature Analysis V
Long Range Targeting V
Shield Upgrades V
Shield Compensation IV
Propulsion Jamming IV
Capacitor Emission Systems IV
Frequency Modulation III
Ladar Sensor Compensation III
Long Distance Jamming III
Sensor Linking IV
Target Painting III
Target Painting IV
Weapon Disruption III
Nanite Interfacing III
Nanite Operation IV
Weapon Disruption IV
Remote Armor Repair Systems IV
Science V
Propulsion Jamming V
Signature Focusing I
Signature Focusing II
Signature Focusing III
Weapon Destabilization I
Weapon Destabilization II
Weapon Destabilization III
Astronautics Rigging III
Drones Rigging III
Electronic Superiority Rigging III
Energy Weapon Rigging III
Hybrid Weapon Rigging III
Launcher Rigging III
Projectile Weapon Rigging III
Signal Dispersion I
Thermal Shield Compensation III
Thermal Shield Compensation IV
EM Shield Compensation IV
Kinetic Shield Compensation III
Kinetic Shield Compensation IV
Explosive Shield Compensation III
Explosive Shield Compensation IV
Advanced Target Management III
Advanced Target Management IV
Radar Sensor Compensation IV
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation III
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation IV
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation IV
Ladar Sensor Compensation IV
Remote Hull Repair Systems III
Remote Hull Repair Systems IV
Afterburner IV
Fuel Conservation IV
Signal Suppression I
Signal Dispersion II
Signal Suppression II
Warp Drive Operation V

Remap - i17 p27 c17 w21 m17
All Perc primary skills:

Weapon Upgrades V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Controlled Bursts V
Caldari Frigate V
Gallente Frigate IV
Gallente Frigate V
Minmatar Frigate IV
Minmatar Frigate V
Amarr Frigate V
Small Energy Turret V
Small Hybrid Turret IV
Small Hybrid Turret V
Small Projectile Turret V
Small Artillery Specialization I
Small Artillery Specialization II
Small Artillery Specialization III
Small Artillery Specialization IV
Small Autocannon Specialization I
Small Autocannon Specialization II
Small Autocannon Specialization III
Small Autocannon Specialization IV
Small Beam Laser Specialization I
Small Beam Laser Specialization II
Small Beam Laser Specialization III
Small Beam Laser Specialization IV
Small Blaster Specialization I
Small Blaster Specialization II
Small Blaster Specialization III
Small Blaster Specialization IV
Minmatar Destroyer IV
Minmatar Destroyer V
Small Pulse Laser Specialization I
Small Railgun Specialization I
Medium Projectile Turret III
Medium Projectile Turret IV
Medium Projectile Turret V
Medium Artillery Specialization I
Medium Autocannon Specialization I
Medium Hybrid Turret V
Medium Railgun Specialization I
Medium Blaster Specialization I
Medium Energy Turret IV
Medium Energy Turret V
Medium Beam Laser Specialization I
Medium Pulse Laser Specialization I
Rockets IV
Rockets V
Warhead Upgrades IV
Heavy Missiles IV
Rocket Specialization I
Heavy Missiles V
Heavy Missile Specialization I
Heavy Assault Missiles IV
Heavy Assault Missiles V
Heavy Assault Missile Specialization I
Torpedoes III
Torpedoes IV
Torpedoes V
Cruise Missiles I
Cruise Missiles II
Cruise Missiles III
Cruise Missiles IV
Cruise Missiles V
Cruise Missile Specialization I
Torpedo Specialization I
Bomb Deployment I
Bomb Deployment II
Bomb Deployment III
Bomb Deployment IV
Assault Frigates I
Assault Frigates II
Assault Frigates III
Assault Frigates IV
Interceptors I
Interceptors II
Interceptors III
Interceptors IV

Memory primary skills, but will keep Perc/Will

Salvage Drone Operation II
Salvage Drone Operation III
Salvage Drone Operation IV
Heavy Drone Operation IV
Advanced Drone Avionics IV
Drone Avionics V
Medium Drone Operation V
Repair Drone Operation I
Repair Drone Operation II
Repair Drone Operation III
Repair Drone Operation IV
Drone Interfacing V
Leadership I
Leadership II
Leadership III
Leadership IV
Leadership V
Fighters I
Fighter Hangar Management I
Heavy Fighters I

Total Time Without Remaps: 385d, 21h, 35m, 49s
Total Time With Remaps: 343d, 9h, 38m, 54s

Assuming +3 implants only

It looks like you have done your homework and you have it nailed. Except your very last line “Assuming +3 implants only”. Training up your Neural Enhancement skill CYBERNETICS to L5 first and foremost is going to knock a month or two off of a full year training plan with L5 - Improved implants. When I build a new character that is always the very first thing I do. There used to be a skill called “Learning” years ago where you had to train up and learn to learn. Once it was realized that was turning off new players they eliminated it and now it’s pretty much all you can do (hardwired) to get that Cybernetics to L5 as fast as possible. Maybe pick up some skill injectors on the market and just get that out of the way fast.

Use boosters. CCP has been great in the last few years about providing new in game content called Events which you can find with The Agency tab on your left side tab bar. There’s a new event starting either next week or in a few days that runs until early January. These events commonly drop boosters that increase your learning speed for a few days. And drop skins. When these events happen I take out my best toons, blast away for hours and have fun and then stock up all my toons with the boosters, knocking days and possibly weeks off of annual training times. It seems to work out to about a whole month of nearly double speed training while the boosters are active. They do expire so you have to read their attributes and don’t get stuck with them when they do. (Sell them at Jita before they expire and if they expire eject them as space garbage at Jita 4-4 where I dump all my trash). LOL! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project. You are way more organized than I was when I trained my first toons.


Masuhari Yakimoto

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The “boosters” I mentioned are actually called “Cerebral Accelerators”.

And check out this event that is about to start dropping them:

Operation Permafrost:

Starts in 4 days. Perfect for getting your 1 year plan started off quick.


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Just get both armor and shield tanks to t2 while you have the int/mem remap active no point to just stick to shields. You can just skip the fighter skills alltogether until far in future unless you plan carriers and prolly want to add cruisers to your list with medium weapons, i mean you dont need level5 but stickin to just frigs and dessys limits you a lot. Theres also some large weapons and bombs which you prolly wont need at start.

What i did when making skill list, was to just go through all the skills and see what i needed them for and what their prequisites were. On most skills if you train l1, you can aswell go to l3 since the training time isnt that much bigger.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I remember training into Spatial Awareness and Iron Will way back in the day lol. o7

Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t mentioned but I’ve got around 13m SP already, and have armor and shield tanks to t2 apart from a few lvl 5 upgrades like shield operation. I have skills to fly all cruisers and bcs as well, but figured best to skill into T2 frigs first? I guess that part of the plan can always change depending on where I end up.

Either way, thanks for the response! o7

With your existing skills, how are you sitting on the core skills listed here:


I don’t see many of those in your plan- if you’ve already trained them, you’re in good shape, but these will be important to support all the other skills and activities that your plan is driving towards.

Other than that, well done- looks solid.

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Thanks! The only outstanding of those is the first 5 skills in my plans, all others are lvl 5 already. Cheers!

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Very cool- I didn’t want to assume, but I’ve seen people gloss over those before, so just wanted to check :slight_smile:

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Well, first off, I think it’s great that you’re trying to make long term plans in order to increase your training rate, and that you’re not neglecting your support skills (as many newbros are prone to do). Also, I agree with Masuhari Yakimoto, in that I also recommend that you make full use of cerebral accelerators and +5’s (at least in highsec; +4’s are fine in Null & J space).
I’m not sure how I feel about your plan though. Don’t get me wrong, I think it has advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your personal situation, it could very well be the best course of action. Thus, I don’t want to just say you’re doing it wrong. What I will say is that it isn’t how I would do it. If I were in your shoes…
(1) One way or another, I’d train Cybernetics V, and get +5 perception and +5 Will. Of course, I’d use the 200k of unallocated SP from cristmass gifts to get me started. Past that, I’d buy and use a skill injector on it -assuming I could afford it. If not, I would just bite the bullet and train it the rest of the way passively.
(2) I would either stay remapped for p24 w24, or go straight into p27 w21. Weapon and T1 ship skills have Perception and Willpower as primary and secondary attributes respectively; but T2 ship skills have those attributes inverted. Thus, it would depend on what Evemon said was best for me.
(3) I would train for an incursion starter BS (immediately followed by a preferred pirate BS), in order to make some good money as fast as possible. (And barring that, I’d move my ass to nullsec and make more money just by changing where I live.)
(4) I’d use the proceeds to start one SP farm toon for self-injection. As soon as he got spooled up, I would use injectors to keep working all those support skills that I wasn’t mapped for.
(5) After I finished polishing off my Incursion ship, I would switch focus to training T2 and T3 ships hard. I spent way too much time cross training the other races T1 ships the first time around, which provided for a lot of lateral upgrades. This time around, I would prioritize vertical upgrades, and work hard on my advanced ships.

Anyway, I’ve been making a video series that is all about increasing SP gains. I only have 2 parts up so far, but I’m hopping to get part 3 up today (tomorrow at the latest). Part 3 will discuss various remapping strategies; so it might be something that you’d be interested in. Regardless, here’s the series trailer. Advanced SP and Training Guide Trailer The trailer is kind of obnoxious, and the videos are glorified PowerPoint lectures, but there’s a lot of good information in there.

Thanks so much! I like your advice and will watch your series. I am training Cybernetics V at the moment and plan to use the SP gifts and one injector to get the ball rolling. As mentioned previously, I have around 15m SP currently and can fly/fit all T1 ships with T2 modules, but I do have 2 bonus remaps still, so that will give me some flexibility to adjust the plan moving forward.

I like the idea of training into an Incursion BS and am currently in the process of moving to null sec.

Thanks again!

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