Implants keep players from playing the game

As it stands, Implants cause people who would otherwise go out and and contribute to pvp in the game, to just be stuck sitting in the station waiting, and inevitably just log off. Inplants discourage PVP while promoting boring and redundant PVE, especially for newer player that need to skill up.
Anyone who disagrees is a moron. I know the holier then thou Forum trolls will be here soon. disregard their fan boy comments. Your game is dying, and issues like this supplement it.

Low sec is not the problem. Implants are the problem. podding just needs to be taken out of the game completely or something. It would encourage players to spread out more beyond highsec, and encourage exploration throughout new eden. It would also get people back into the fight faster, and add to the game, its just dead. and the mechanics like this, that cause the game to be dead, need to be seriously looked at.

Disagree and who disagree is a moron. There’s a way to change clones and save the implants intact.


I assume you are talking about attribute implants here?
If so this is an issue CCP have already acknowledged but aren’t entirely sure how to resolve without serious market impact.
Personally I want them to just go for it and let the market fall where it wants as a result of removing all attribute bonuses. But that’s the issue that’s held them back on it.


the wait is too long, and its a mil isk every time. its still discourages pvp.

Have implants be sold by NPCs at a set price, to regulate the market. problem solved. Change attribute implant ingredients into temporary booster ingredients. The problem is not the solution, the problem is CCPs incompetence. we still dont have a main menu for swapping toons because “it would be too much coding” (actual words of CCP).

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Not meaning jump clone, but clone changing, there’s no timer

what are you talking about? what has no timer…?

If you install a clone to save the implants , then die, just respawn, fight again, die , fight again, then when y done, change clones and get implants again. Easy pie

“Upwell Structures offer the benefit for players to jump between clones within the Citadel with no time restrictions, if a Standup Cloning Center is installed and online. This however only applies when switching clones within the same Upwell Structure.”


that doesnt fix the problem at all. I dont want to sacrifice skills just to be able to pvp, within 24 hour windows. just to change back and have to wait again. its a terrible system.


24 hour restriction only applies if you’re jumping to a different structure. There is no time restriction if you jump between clones in the same Upwell structure - jump as often as you want.

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ill look into it. are they everywhere?

Kinda yes

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this is actually a personal issue with those that have it.
You can PvP, or you can grind…
and there are imps very useful for PvP…but your saying you dont want to have any so…


18M ISK for +3s is not too much ISK if you want to speed up your training. People who get dissuaded by that meager amount of ISK, are not capable PVPers anyway.

You do not sacrifice anything. You keep training even without implants. That’s not an argument, that’s stupid.

No. No implants would not get people back into action faster than if implants keep existing. If you got podded and want to go back into the action, you just grab the next ship and undock with your empty pod. If you worry about training during a battle when you could instead help on the battlefield with your ship, you are a disgrace to your group. That is not the fault of implants.

The game is dying because of stupid suggestions and ideas like these. EVE flourished with Learning Skills, it kept flourishing with Learning implants, but ever since CCP started catering to the kind of people with your ideas, EVE has gone downhill.

So you want to make it even more expensive to use attribute boosters? Don’t get me wrong but you are contradicting yourself at a hilarious level here.

You are in a corp called “Pirates of the Caribean”, but when faced with something so trivial as implants you make yourself look like “ducky piwats of the bath tub”.


your trolling and elitism means you have zero arguement, begone pest. I CALLED IT, on the initial post that scum like you couldnt help yourself and would be commenting.


You obviously didnt read what i said about npc vendors. idiot.

Get the hell off my post troll, its players like you that are holding EVE back, and keeping new players away.

Death is a serious matter.

Legend has it that this is one of the core ideas this game was founded on. There are suppose to be consequences for your actions and that includes loss when you are beaten.

CCP has already watered down this idea greatly in the intervening years from the initial design of this game, but even just last year they reiterated they like the idea that you can make choices and take risks when it comes to clones.

You need to make a choice. Yes, I get that having to make a choice is anathema to a number of players and often brings them to this forum to complain about some aspect of the game where they can’t have everything or there is no “best” solution. The thing is, if CCP is doing their job right there shouldn’t be a “best” - there should always be trade-offs.

And that applies to implants as well. Don’t want to lose them when you are flying? Well then forgo their benefits and don’t use them! Do want that edge in PvP? Stuff a few Billion ISK of implants in your head and be a PvP baller. But what you shouldn’t do? Come to this forum and complain you can’t have all the benefit of implants with none of the risks.

I mean, CCP already weakened this tradeoff significantly by adding the ability to infinitely swap clones in citadels. Let’s stop with the calls to throw core game concepts to placate those that can’t handle having to make choices in a video game.


yes and the trade off is causing the game to be dead and less active especially in PVP. sounds good, works bad. I find myself just getting off(and im sure many others do as well), rather then mess with jump clones every time i want to PVP. with a 24 hour window. its not good for pvp and its not good for the game. pain and simple. I appreciate a hard core game, but not at the detriment of the game itself. This unneeded hindrance is holding back the community as a whole from experiencing the game and interacting with more players. IF they are going to do this, they need to make NPCs start podding people, so at least PVE doent have a HUGE edge over PVP…