Implants Risk vs Reward 2 ISD Boogaloo

nice try at derailing but thanks for the free bump.
Expensive pods = pods that contain clones that contain very expensive sets of implants.
To further illustrate my point however :

Less than 1 second align time. impossible to catch.
Unless getting really unlucky everything below 2s align time can dodge instalockers (at gate for exmaple) because of the server ticks.

The pod is IMPOSSIBLE to catch if people spam warp upon the destruction of their ship.

It is not balanced no matter how much you try to justify it and it is time to address the issue of the multibillion clone, sitting in the goo, mostly safely embedded and secure from anything other than stupidity and maybe a bit bad luck (the dude podding dudes in a thrasher all day in HS knows what I mean) to loose it.

OIC. You’re equalling “clone” to “pod”. Hmm, why not after all. I’ve never see a clone without a pod so ok.

I didn’t want to derail anything. Quit with the paranoia.


Up yours, jerk.


What have you got against pods? CCP touch pods at this present time while the game is haemorrhaging players, then pfff… Its all over. At first you wanted pods to lose an implant when the main ship gets popped, now you want extra align time. What are you going to want 20 mins from now? I’m curious. o7

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What makes sense obv.
Most people argued that implant destruction upon ship destruction is a stupid idea.
Which I am fine with. I can see how it makes no sense.

So I propose giving them more align time to make them actually POSSIBLE to catch.

Regarding your statement “If CCP does X players will quit” this is hardly an argument.
I could easily counter by saying “If CCP keeps catering to the risk averse crowd players quit”.

This leads nowhere. I have pointed out multiple reasons why pods are unbalanced, yet you have given 0 reasons why they would be balanced on the contrary.

Thank you please come again.

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