Implants, accelerators and clones questions

I’ve started using jump clones.
I know that if a clone is killed the implants in the main character (or in other clones) remain.


Do ALL clones share the same benefits of an implant in one clone? Or just that one clone that has the implant?

What about skills accelerators? All clones or just the one clone?


Skill point accelerators will apply to your character regardless of clones.
Implants, on the other hand, only benefit the clone that has them plugged in.


Given the value of high end implants, why would anyone ever risk them?

IOW. if I have to be in the implanted clone for them to be of benefit but if I get killed I lose them, why ever do anything risky in the game?

most high end implants, for whatever reason, are useful in certain pve aspects since there is very very few NPC’s that will pod a capsuleer.

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High end implants also greatly benefits PVP.

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Two words: Managing Risk

As one gains more experience and learns more about the game, certain limitations (both mechanical and player) become more apparent.
Eventually one learns which situations are more risky than others, how to mitigate certain risks, and how much reward one can get away with given the risks.

For example:

Look at your Pod’s stats.
Due to its insanely high agility, it can effectively “instawarp” on command.
Due to the Pod’s relatively small signature radius (see: its sensor footprint is a little smaller than a frigate’s) it takes a little longer for anything to target lock it.

Now look at the High-Sec (1.0 to 0.5 space) and Low-Sec (0.4 to 0.1 space) mechanics. Specifically those surrounding warp drives.
In order to prevent one from warping away, warp disruption needs to be applied to a target.
Since high-sec and low-sec space disallows Area of Effect warp disruption a person needs to be both target locked and have either a Warp Disruptor or Warp Scrambler applied to them to prevent escape.

Now take this information and combine what has been learned about the Pod.

Most seasoned PvPers will select a celestial of some kind (see: planet, moon, etc) if they see they are about to lose a fight (or just outright die) and start spamming the warp button.
This way, once they are in their pod, they warp off to safety.

Short of a bad connection, bad luck, or a particularly crafty (and mean) opponent… it should almost always be possible to escape in a pod and get to safety in both High-sec and Low-sec.

This is why and how people run around with multi-billion ISK implants in their heads.
If they have enough experience, know-how, and tolerance for the occasional ■■■■ up… it is totally worth it to fly around with 25% to 50% bonuses to armor/shields/speed/tanking/etc.

My suggestion is to fly around a bit without any of the super expensive implants for now. Especially if you plan to put yourself in risky situations.

In fact… I would say to throw yourself into the “deep end” for a bit simply to hone your reactions and figure out where your tolerances lie.


maybe you should think differently: “if some people use costly implants and take the risk to loose them, it probably means that these implants provide some advantages. What i am missing? maybe i should try to improve my knwoledge of game mechanisms to understand what are these adavantages and in which situation”

maybe this game is not for you… have you heard about risk/reward concept?

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The higher the risk the better reward. Its at the heart of this game and it’s been like that for 18 years.

Your question is akin to asking what the point is with driving dangerously fast in a sports car when you can be safe in a Skoda.


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