Former players! One line "why i've stopped playing" thread!

(yellow parasol) #1

I know, i likely won’t reach many, but it’s well worth a try and i have no other means of reaching any of them.

Really curious about this. I’m not even talking about recent times only. I’m talking about the last ten years.

Thank you.

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #2

I’ve moved this topic to Out of Pod Experiences.

(Julie Morano) #3

Well… I got emails promising that drinking apple cider vinegar could lose me 60 pounds, could get a six pack sitting on the couch, that some little pill could give me a permanent h*** on and that desperate Russian women wanted to date me… so I drank the vinegar, ate the pill, sat on the couch and moved to Russia for six months :stuck_out_tongue:

(yellow parasol) #4

that’s a long line, but a good reason. :grin:

(Chan'aar) #5

The most common reasons I get from people that quit are (in no particular order)

too expensive
lack of content

(yellow parasol) #6

serious question: you only, or mostly, know carebears?

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #7

I’ve stopped several times. Now I’m back, obviously, or I wouldn’t be paying attention to EVE anymore.

My reason every time - had better things to do, and only so many hours in a day.

(Elder Ozzian) #8

Repetative missions & wh grinding gets booring (need for more different missions or totally new content).
Only blob pvp in w-space (wait for hours to get some action, and then end up getting pawned).
K-space local reveals you even if you are cloaked (haven’t seen any low/null sec miners).
Not enough pve-things to solo-explore (usually i find already cleared complexs).
No walking in stations (to spend time in).
Too expensive Plex (to keep playing)
New content seemed to be only for the null-sec players (what about highsec carebears?).
Jump portals needs cyno --> alt account.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Eve online. I played Dust514. I visited fanfest and all. But i feel that the game is going backwards (more null content & balancing and nothing meaningful for me) and it makes me sad. Therefore i’ve been playing Tetris while waiting to see when the WIS would be implemented and now - removal of CQ?! :,(

(Chan'aar) #9

Probably 75% - 25% Carebear - Pvp

Reasons given to me are usually the same though from either species. :grin:

(Sgt Ocker) #10

If you genuinely want to reach ex players who still interact with eve things, go to r/eve.
Many of the regular posters there no longer actively play eve and most of them will be happy to tell you why…

The most recent one i was involved in; An eve friend contacted me after having been away for close to a year. He was considering coming back, I told him he would be welcome.
He spent the last of his isk and subbed one account for a month - 36 days later, I haven’t seen him for a week.
I emailed him - His response was basically what I expected - Game is pretty boring right now, not much going on. Plex is too expensive, don’t have time for the time it takes to earn enough isk.

He is a family man, wife and four kids. He played eve a few hours each night as an escape from, noisy kids, the wife and a 12 hour work day.
Now he watches netflix and eve has lost yet another vet with over 10 years experience who has never been bitter or a trillionaire, he just liked logging in, joining fleets and killing things. You know, the stuff eve is about for many of us…

(Evette Lun) #11

text game with 3d models to stare at and not really use

(Linus Gorp) #12

Haargoth disbanding BoB. But I was pretty much already on my way out, so I guess that’s just an excuse.

(Kosoku) #13

I’ve been here since 2003 but did stop playing for few months from time to time. My longest hiatus was 3 years or so from 2014 to recently.

My reasons for stopping was…

  1. I had better things to do.
  2. Got really butthurt by wrongly predicted market gambles. (Therefore losing lots of isk.)

I probably have more reasons.

(Spookyjay) #14

being forced into groups to do content with little reward.

(Khergit Deserters) #15

I ran out of time and attention and started just soloing. Painted myself into a repetitive corner. Nobody’s fault but mine.

(mkint) #16

The fun:suck ratio tipped over. I’ve already consumed as much fun as EVE has to offer, and now there’s just a whole lot of suck. I keep a loose eye on the forums, especially dev posts, to see if anything interesting is ever going to happen in EVE again, but I’m not feeling like it’s terribly likely.


Just came back after 2 year break. I left because pvp wasn’t the adrenaline rush it once was. Killed a freighter full of tech 2 modules in lowsec with some corp mates. I invested my share wisely and no longer got the rush of flying my last ship with an empty wallet. On top of that I was getting pretty good at pvp. I became a fairly successful solo pilot who actually made isk pvp’ing. I would fight out numbered and out gunned against increasingly worse odds but eventually one day my hands just stopped shaking. But after 2 years away i am relieved to say that I now suck at eve again lol. I have had a few fights and though my hands didn’t shake, my heart was racing. :slight_smile: although yesturday i went to log in and my pc wouldnt start. If its the power supply i’ll be fine but if its the mobo or cpu i may not be back for a while v0v

(Khergit Deserters) #18

Cat on the keyboard!

(Gort Saline) #19

I had to quit a couple times to take care of my wife and her Breast Cancer. She passed in May so I Just came back recently. So, So much has changed and I am in a horrible mood and I am not sure I will continue after 11 years. I am especially in a poor mood after this morning getting totally killed in Jerma at an Ice field by some one not NPC and I got instantly confused how this happened in Security area of.5. Is mining that dangerous now on high sec? Eh maybe it is my grief speaking; but EVE has changed a lot and I am not sure I like how it is changing. I am still deciding if I am going to quit all together. Maybe a leave of absence is in order again. You all are right Expensive to play when all a person wants to do is some mining and good company with mostly great people.

(Markus Jameson) #20

Honestly if anything I would have thought ganking was at an all time low in hi sec? but that might just be me.