The reason i stop hating on EVE and back playing it

First of all, no dramas here. Have been playing EVE from 2012. I want to share my experience how i stop hating EVE.

Back in 2015 i played EVE i really get bored because of the combat system and the learning curves is just too deep. 2017 i stopped playing because of the boring combat. My activiities only ratting in Null Sec.

Ever since of that i hate everything about EVE, i write negative reviews, shitting on their pages. It’s when i was so toxic and to be honest i got no life :sweat_smile: .

So now i am a full time graphic designer, concept artist, and website developer. I only able to play 7 hours of game a week and sometimes even less. I can’t play MMORPG game anymore, because i know i will waste 7 hours of fun time for grinding. I only play CSGO for 6 months.

My friend invites me to play EVE and i said to him " Nah man, that game is a pain ". He told me that EVE is different now. So i am checking, bla bla, and then boom. Subscribed for a year as OMEGA. Here i will sum up why i back to EVE.

Less of Grind
Here, you don’t need to kill enemies to gain XP. You simply make up the skill queue for a week. This is the first reason i choose EVE as my main game now. So no more xp farming, this is really tidiless for someone who wanna enjoy game without restrictions.

Get into PvP ASAP
I know, PvP in EVE is a pain. But i really recommend getting into PvP because i just realized how fun it is. Currently FW PvP is really fun. Playing EVE without getting into PvP is like eating McBurger without McFries.

Hmmm politics, since i’ve graduated i really like politics. So EVE could be my spare time politics job lul

So that’s it, 3 reason i get back into EVE and stop hating EVE. Now i knew why CCP makes won’t change their combat gameplay. But if you spend your whole life to play EVE, well yes EVE can get boring.

From what i get these years is, Most of EVE contents are PvP related. Primary reason people get bored because they don’t do PvP. I was a carebear and that is the reason i get bored to EVE. Now i am going with my friend to gang some Feds on Caldari Space.

Really really fun, 14 years of gaming i never had this kind of PvP. So i will take back my word about EVE, this game is okay with it’s current state. And no EVE ain’t dying. If you’re a carebear and still farming ISK for monthly PLEX. Try to subscribe as Omega at least 1-3 month and get into PvP. It’s absolutely worth it.

A side notes: Playing with friends is really fun. And English is not my native languange, pardon for the bad grammar.


Welcome back! :rocket:

And don’t worry about the past. Nobody here on the forum worries much about people’s complaints. They are a part of the game and the entertainment (here as well as in-game).


You should probably get a permit though.


Cool story, Hilmar


This has never existed in EVE. The only grind is the ISK.

Absolutely. Playing with friends is the premier aspect of an MMO.

Glad you came back, and finally enjoyed eve as it was meant to be played!

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Yeah, this is actually very strong point of EVE - that we don’t have to grind skills endlessly. We only have to wait - or inject. The only real grind in EVE is isk… but even for this once one learns how to do it efficiently then getting loads of it is quite simple.

Awwwww @VMarshall all grown up, isn’t that sweet.

A rare sight: Someone who wants to come back after hating it.

Nice! Just stay away of the forums, the carebears around here make everyone miserable and the rest isn’t yet self aware enough to not help them doing it.


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