Skill lost and clone

Is there a way to lost my skills in game now?
I want to know because it is possible to return!

Yes, by flying a T3 crusier you can still lose SP.

But the olden days of having to upgrade your clones to match SP are gone…

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Its a real shame

I mean, i don’t ever remember actually losing a skill to a missed clone upgrade, so the system was mostly just a really tiny ISK cost between fights, not really a problem that its gone the way of the dodo

It really more of the increased thrill of getting the pod out and screw the ship.

Yeah I play frugally lol

You already get that thrill to keep the implants in your meatsack along with denying them a killmail :stuck_out_tongue:

not such a tiny isk cost , once your skill points got up there … playing in null sec and paying 20-40 mill to upgrade your clone every time you got podded was a real drag . that’s 2006 isk btw , so figure inflation … :slight_smile:
what i miss and should not have been removed was ‘ghost implants’ . when you got podded , your training time was not recalculated until your skill finished or you paused training . the war cry before going on a shady roam was ‘set a long skill training’ …

Well yeah the denial’s good, but I think I lost my last plants like 3 or 4 clones ago lol

There wasn’t really much inflation, and 40mil is like 2 incursion sites worth of ISK, the money is and was super easy to make

Well buy some more, gets you that thrill back :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair point. +4s are cheap as chutney these days.

Maybe burn the nest egg on something really stupid lol

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