It’s been several years since I played EVE and they had to buy its clone with the number of skills. I don’t see this option, only clone jumps. Has this option been removed from EVE? do we no longer have to buy a basic clone?

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No need to buy clones any more, you can set up jumpclones on every station/citadel with a Clone Facility and just jump to them for a small fee. Or even no fee at all on player owned stations.


I believe you’re referring to the old system of needing to upgrade the quality of your medical clone in order to store your max skill points when you get podded.

Medical clones were removed, your standard clone preserves all your SP when you are killed. Jump clones are still used to hold different sets of implants/skillwires.


i miss the old system, all the rage when they lost BS 5 and couldnt board their ship for a month or two while they retrained :slight_smile: happy memories



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Your a monster, but yes i remember those days

Ive gotten a few evemails on my alt regarding such things too. Ahh the rage… sublime.

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