Jump clones

Hi all,

Just checking I’m understanding jump clones correctly, I’ve created a jump clone in a station, let’s call it station B. That’s created a clone without any implants. This is what I want.

I’ve flown to another station where I run missions from (Station A), my current active clone has lots of expensive implants that I have no desire to lose. If I now jump to my clone in station B, will that automatically store my current Active clone in station A?

If I’m understanding it correctly I’ll still only have 1 jump clone, it’ll just now be in station A rather than station B as I’ll be active in B?

Thanks everyone.

Yep, this is how it works.

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Thanks for the info!

The only extra info to add is: “after you jump your mind to the clone B location, also go to a nearby station with Medical facilities and move your “home base” there.” So if you die, you don’t get resurrected half way across the galaxy.

The jump clones let you teleport your mind between A and B, and you should move your medical close to where you’ll be operating in the near future (whether A or B), so you wake up in that same area if you happen to die.

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Thanks Memphis, I’ve already done that but useful to point out for anyone that doesn’t know or isn’t aware of the medical clone function.


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