Jump clones and Home station

If I get pod’d my clone gets resurected at my Home Station?

If I have a clone in HS and move a jump clone somewhere in NPC null can I set the two clones to have different home stations?

Or do I change home station each time I swap clones? Or…something else?

Sorry if this is obvious

There is no option to have different home stations for different clones. One station at a time, always wake up there no matter what.

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Thank you

ISD Bahamut

To further clarify:
Your character has a home station, where you respawn when podded.

If you have a jump clone established, you can activate the jump clone feature to transfer your character’s consciousness from your current clone to the target jump clone. This does not change your home station.

You can only have one clone installed at any given station, so if you install a jump clone at station A, fly to station B, and also install a jump clone at station B, you cannot jump to the clone at station A while docked at station B unless you destroy the clone in station B because there is nowhere to install the body you are in right now.

In depth article on jump clones:

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