How to operate Jum Clones

I was reading several posts about the use of Jump Clones and of course the informations provided by EVE University. Still I fail to understand some things. I created a Jump Clone at Halaima. Then I drove my ship to Hek and from there I jumped back to my clone. For some mysterios reasons my clone is now installed at Hek and now more at Halaima. Do I have to destroy the clone at Hek and install a new one at Halaima or how does it work. PS: I installed a new one at Halaima but it seems, that the clone with the implants stays at Hek. If I destroy it, are the implants lost ?

A jump clone isn’t “teleport the body” it’s “copy the mind print to the clone”. Jump Clone isn’t a good name, but I can’t think of better. Consciousness Move?

So, you jumped to the Halaima clone, leaving your old clone and it’s implants at Hek. If you then jump back to it then your current body (clone) will be held in the clone bay at the station you jumped from. And you will be back in n the clone you started with with its implants.

If you destroy a clone then the implants in that clone will also be destroyed. They are hardwired into that clone’s nervous system.

One wrinkle, you can’t have two clones in the same NPC station clone bay - which means you can’t jump away from a station you have installed a clone in. If you’ve not got implants in that clone the destroy it first - or move to another station with a clone bay.


Thank you, I suspected that much. But help me how can I move the implants to another clone. As I understand you can only jump from a station without clone to another station that has a clone. >> My main problem right now is, that I have a clone in Hek that has all my implants. How can I get them back ?

You cant move implants. Wait out your jump clone timer and you can then jump back into your implanted clone in Hek.

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Thank you. I will do just that. PS: It worked nicely… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Note that you generally don’t want your implants to move with you. You may have a very expensive clone for ratting in high sec, but if you go on a roam through null sec you don’t want to risk losing that head in the first bubble camp you run across.

So you jump into an empty clone for your pvp roam, and jump back into your pve clone the next day.

Similarly jump clones can be used to switch between different implant sets, you may have a shield, an armour, and a scanning implant set, each on a different clone.

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