I can't jump to a clone in the same station due to a timer? Because I used a jump clone?

I’m not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly here.

I used a jump clone to get from Amarr to Jita. Then, because my Jita clone had implants which are rather expensive, I warped to the Business Tribunal, installed a clone there, but I couldn’t jump to it - and yes, I was in my capsule. It just said I used a jump clone recently… but I’m in the same station and don’t need a jump, I just need a local clone transfer.

This seems arbitrary and the only effect of this is that I won’t play for 24 hours.

But I hope I’m just doing something wrong - though I’ve triple-checked that I’m in the correct station for a local clone transfer =/

The no cool down from jumping from clone to clone seems to only work in player structures and not NPC so inside a fort or Athanor. Any time I’ve done it in an NPC station I’ve gotten the jump cooldown as well.

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:frowning: That’s unfortunate. So I’m basically forced to choose between risking implants or docking up for 24hrs.


The Keepstar in Perimeter is a player owned Cita with a clonebay afaik, there you can swap clones without cooldown.


Awesome, thank you!

also, there is a skill to lower the cool down i think from 24 hours down to a possible 18 for NPC stations.

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This is the one I use when I am near Jita. only costs 1m isk, and you don’t have a cooldown.

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