Jumping to a clone in the same station

Howdy. I am located in a station. I created a clone in that station and paid the 900k Isk. My character sheet shows that the clone is located at the station, I want to jump to that clone. I looked at the procedure to try this. I paused the skill queue. I am in the pod. However, i keep getting “Do you authorize payment for installing a jump clone in this station? The payment required is 900,000 ISK”. What am i dong wrong? Thanks for any help.

Accept it?

Why would i accept it if i already have a clone there?

Because you need to pay it each time you want to leave a clone in that station.

here’s a picture


Each time you clone jump it costs you 900K ISK when using an NPC station.



Just to reiterate what others have said. Don’t stop skill training.

And when you jump to the new clone, something has to be done with the old clone. You’re being asked to pay again because the game wants to put your old clone in the station.

Also note that jumping between clones in the same NPC station creates a jump clone timer, while jumping between clones in upwell structures does not. Just, don’t leave clones with expensive implants in rando stations. They stop fueling and you won’t be able to get the clone out. They lose the structure, and you lose the clone.

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